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Thought Leadership from the Leaders in Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Surviving a Cash Flow Shortage

ADC’s Cathy Becker to Join Jirav at AICPA Engage

Sarah T. Ciuk, CPP Appointed to Intuit QuickBooks Accountant Council

Economy Surges and Increasing Investments are a Strong End to Q2

The Benefits of Accrual Accounting for Your Business

Register for the 2021 GovCon Accounting Summit

Maintaining Productivity While Working from Home

What are Days Sales Outstanding and How Can You Reduce Them?

Company Culture: Expectations vs. Reality

5 Tips to Make Working From Home Easier

The Non-Profit Financial Statement Breakdown

Why is Job Costing Important for your Small Business?

NetSuite Webinar | A goVirtualOffice and Collaboration

The Do's and Don'ts of Management with Remote Workforces

What does a Financial Controller Do and How Can One Help Your Business?

Common Qualities Possessed by Great Non-Profit Treasurers

Calculating Your Company's Burn Rate

Register for NetSuite Webinar | A goVirtualOffice and Collaboration

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

Business Liabilities Explained

What is Budget vs. Actual Variance?

Keeping Your Remote Employees Engaged

The Income Statement Breakdown

Choosing the Best Entity Type for Your Small Business

Meet Kitti Crawford, Staff Success Ambassador at

Why Companies are Making the Switch to Outsourced Accounting

Bookkeeping Basics for Your Small Business is Great Place To Work Certified!

Determining Your Indirect Costs

What is a Tax Write-Off for Your Business?

Improving your Bottom Line with a Cohesive Break-Even Analysis

Working from Home - We've got it down!

Understanding the Importance of Your Budget Variance to Stay Afloat

Returning to Work and the Shuffle To A Virtual Workplace

Your Company's Liabilities Explained

The Four Most Important Financial Statements for Your Business

Join Co-Founder, Dennis Najjar, at the Accounting & Finance Show!

What It Takes to be an Accounting Specialist

How to Analyze your P&L Statement

5 Financial Metrics and KPIs to Help Your Business Grow

Calculating Your Contribution Margin and What It Means to You

Making the Switch to Virtual Accounting

The Duties of a Controller - Do you need one?

Join Us at!

Free Cash Flow Explained

Your Balance Sheet and Income Statement are Not the Same

Now is the time to be your best!

Accountant or Bookkeeper - What's the Difference?

Everything you need to know about Account Reconciliation

The Accounting Cycle for your Small Business

Basic Financial Statements That Anyone Should Know

Finding the Best Accounting Service for Your Clients

Understanding Inventory Assets

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourced Accounting Services

3 Popular Business Trends in 2021

Why Investing in Younger Generations is Beneficial

The Importance of Budgeting Reports

The Difference Between Virtual and Online Accounting Services

Making the Shift to a Virtual Workplace - Here's Why

What is DCAA Compliance?

The Balance Sheet Broken Down

3 Traits Successful Outsourced Accounting Departments Possess

How Management Reports Compare to Financial Reports

Cash Basis or Accrual Basis: Which should you implement?

How to Read a Statement of Cash Flows

Accounts Receivable Defined

What is a Chart of Accounts?

Everything You Need to Know About Accounts Payables

Positioning Yourself to Stay Ahead of the Curve

How Quickbooks can help your Business

Why the Team Approach of Outsourced Accounting is Better Than the In-house Approach

The TOP Strategy and How it is Driving Investments in 2021

How Outsourcing Accounting Services Reduces Overhead Costs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourced Accounting Services

The Options With Outsourced Accounting Services

The Trends in Outsourced Accounting Services

3 Signs Things Are Looking Up for 2021!

The Major Aspect of Business You'll Have to Decide In 2021?

Enhance Your Flexibility by Outsourcing Accounting Projects

Calculating your Indirect Cost Rate and Its Importance

A Thank You to the Women of ADC!

The Best Accounting Services for Your Business

Recording and Issuing Credit Memos

Preparing to Scale DCAA Compliant Accounting | Client Testimonial

How to Understand Contribution Margin and Gross Profit Margin

Happy Anniversary Dennis and Bill | A 17 Year Story

Measure Your KPIs Against Marketing Agency Industry Benchmarks

Measure Your KPIs Against Professional Services Industry Benchmarks

Is Your Accounting Healthy?

Accounting Expansion Plans for 2021 |

DCAA Compliant Accounting Services for Government Contractors

ADC Announces All Clients to Receive Financial Dashboard in 2021

Meet Our Head of NetSuite Accounting Services

Dennis & Bill Share Happy Holidays with Clients

Small Business Administration Ordered to Provide PPP Loan Details

What Are Clean Financials and How Can You Get Them?

How to Troubleshoot Your Profit Margins

Top 4 Ways to Assess Accounting Technology

Common Accounting Fears Among Business Owners

Top 3 Hacks for Hiring A Virtual Company

Do You Really Understand the Cost of Your Accounting?

The "Ah Ha" Moment | Client Experience

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourced Accounting Services

Behind the Scenes with Our Implementation Team

What’s Your Biggest Accounting Takeaway from Your Time in the Virtual Workplace this Year?


Will Outsourced Accounting Departments Come Out A Winner?

PPP Loan Forgiveness Checklist

12 Key Financial Performance Indicators You Should Be Tracking

10 Ways To Improve Your Budgeting & Forecasting

DCAA | Resources for GovCon and the National Defense Authorization Act

10 Basic Accounting Terms Defined

How Long Should You Keep Business Records?

When Do You Need to Issue 1099s?

How to Forecast Cash Flow in QuickBooks

New Guidance Issued on PPP Loan Forgiveness

What the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Means for SMBs

COVID-19 | FFCRA Emergency Family Medical Leave Payroll Tax Credit

COVID-19 | FFCRA Emergency Sick Leave Payroll Tax Credit

COVID-19 | Reopening Best Practices for Government Contractors

COVID-19 | CARES Employee Retention Payroll Tax Credit

COVID-19 | You Have Your PPP Loan Funds...Now What?

Why We're A Good Fit for Military Spouses

COVID-19 | SMB Best Practice Tips for 2020

COVID-19 | What Should Be Included in the PPP Loan

Virtual Beyond Limits: Make Clients' Lives Easier

Recognizing Our Military Spouses - Happy Appreciation Day!

COVID-19 | Planning for Debt Forgiveness

COVID-19 | Resources for Government Contractors

COVID-19: Updates on the Paycheck Protection Program

Virtual Beyond Limits: I Didn't Know What I Didn't Have

Supporting Government Contractors with Detailed Reports

The Oracles | How to Ensure Your Business Survives the Coronavirus Crisis

The Oracles | How To Stay Laser-focused and Productive During Coronavirus

Virtual Beyond Limits: We Walk You Through

COVID-19 | Accounting for the PPP Loan

Preparing for the Paycheck Protection Program

Virtual Beyond Limits: Uncertainty In Accounting

Virtual Beyond Limits: A Typical Wednesday Morning

April Fools' Day: Please Pardon Our Interruption

What the Nation's Largest Spending Bill Means for Government Contractors

Tips on Working From Home by Virtual Employees

COVID-19 A Guide Through The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

COVID-19 Resources for Small Businesses: We Are All In This Together

The Oracles | 6 Lessons to Help Take Your Business to Double-Digit Growth

Virtual Beyond Limits: Handling Client Meetings

Trademark and Copyright Protection: 3 Strategies for Effective Cover

Top 5 Challenges of Travel and Expense Management

It's Never too Early to Plan Your Exit Strategy 

DCAA Compliance Overview for New Contractors

4 Factors You Are Likely Overlooking In Calculating Your Sales Margins

The Oracles | Secrets for Building a Successful Business While Living a Life You Love

How Do You Determine Marketing Spend from a Marketing Investment?

Profits vs. Profitability: Why You Need to Track Profit Margins

Calling All Military Spouses - You're Invited to the Department of Defense MSEP Virtual Hiring Fair!

5 Items to Review When Generating a QuickBooks Profit and Loss Report

Affordable DCAA Compliant Accounting Systems for Small Businesses

124+ Pizzas and Counting!...A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Annual Pizza Party

How to Know When it's Time to Discontinue a Product

Scaling from Mid-Sized to Large: What Does It Take?

DCAA Regulation Basics for SMBs

The Case For Making KPIs Transparent to the Entire Team

Identify High-Performance Revenue Channels and Eliminate the Losers

The Oracles | Mistakes That Rich and Successful People Never Make

Accounting Indicators To Watch When Scaling Your Business

Per Diem Tutorial for the New Government Contractor

What is Blockchain Actually?

Cover Your Bases: Cybersecurity for the Government Contractor

7 KPIs to Use in Your Strategic Planning

When Should You Trade Margins for Net Profit?

7 Common Accounting Problems Confronting Government Contractors - and How to Solve Them

Why a Growing Business Should Never Overlook Contribution Margin

How to Speed Collection of Your Accounts Receivable

How to Track Annual Growth Using QuickBooks

Making the Switch From Contractors to Employees

Convert Deltek to QuickBooks, The DCAA Way

Failure is Temporary: Using Financial Missteps to Your Advantage

9 Ways to Optimize Your Financial Department Interface

5 Biggest Problems for SMBs that Lack Accounting Processes

The Iron Clad Argument for Using Time Tracking for Salaried Employees

First-Time Contractor's Guide to Real-Time Labor Evaluations

First-Time Contractor's Guide to the Audit Process

When Should You Conduct an Internal Audit in Your Business?

5 Signs That Your Business Has Outgrown its Accounting Software

Accounting Tips for Bootstrapping Your Business

Accounting in the World of Cryptocurrency

Tried and True Tips for Fixing Your Business's Cash Flow Problems

Team ADC Virtual Summer "Kick-Off" Challenge - A Brief History

How to Determine Profit Margins on Services

Moving On and Up: Accounting Options for Growing Startups

Cash or Accrual Accounting: How to Decide and What Happens if You Change Your Mind?

Controller Checklist for Small Businesses


3 Reasons to Use Time Tracking Even if You Charge a Flat Rate

Security Concerns in Outsourcing Accounting Information

5 Tips to Get Clients to Pay on Time

Tips on Taking Your Accounting (and Office) Paper-Free

Key Technology Options to Consider for Your Cash Flow Management

How to Scale Internal Controls as Your Company Grows

Calling All Military Spouses - You're Invited to the first-ever Department of Defense MSEP Virtual Hiring Fair!

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