Virtual Accounting And Online Bookkeeping - 100% Remote And Secure Access

Access your accounting files any time, anywhere, with critical security protections in place.

Virtual Accounting And Online Bookkeeping - 100% Remote And Secure Access

We know you need access to your virtual accounting information at any time, day or night, and even when you're on the road. With, you always have access to our services so you are able to manage your bookkeeping services from anywhere.

For many of our clients, such as those on QuickBooks Online, your accounting technology is entirely cloud-based, making ease of access simple. While we're maintaining your records, reporting and financial information, you maintain real-time access to everything you need.

But what about our clients on QuickBooks Desktop (or other versions) and our NetSuite-based accounting services clients?

Whenever you want to access your QuickBooks or NetSuite file, your financial dashboard (typically Jirav if you're on QuickBooks) or your file room, it is all at your fingertips.

Once we set up your accounting file, we complete any required back work and special projects as well as complete the first closing process. Then your team member sets up access to the server for you or your staff. This will give you server access to files, reports, and your accounting. 

To ensure your critical financial information remains secure, it is managed and encrypted by our third party servers via Xcentric and Right Networks. Because provides you with secure online storage of your financial information, you are able to share, collaborate and synchronize files and folders across desktop computers and mobile devices.

Accessing your important financial files through the secure servers is safe and convenient. Authorized users get 24/7/365 access to data--but our bookkeeping services clients are also able to request reports or information be sent to you if you don't want to go in and get something yourself.

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