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Thought Leadership from the Leaders in Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping Services's 20th Year is Here!

Author : Mike DeFusco
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Two decades ago, a brilliant CPA joined forces with a daring sales expert, united in their mission to revolutionize how entrepreneurs approached their accounting needs—and thus, came into existence. While that may be the condensed version passed down in company lore, the reality is far more captivating and undoubtedly inspiring.

At first glance, Dennis Najjar, CPA, and Bill Gerber wouldn’t necessarily “catch your eye”—they’re not the latest flashy accounting startup to grace your social media feeds, they could generally be described as unassuming, and truth be told, they really aren’t even trying to get your attention. In all likelihood, they’d be the first to tell you that if flashy and “new on the scene” is what you’re looking for, they weren’t for you anyway (not that they're lacking the cool factor—they'd also want to point that out!).

Those privy to the industry secrets can confirm that these innovative minds can be spotted in the corner of every significant accounting or entrepreneur convention, delving into ideas, exchanging inspiration, and exploring new opportunities.

Why? Because after 20 years in business, Dennis and Bill have their fingers on the pulse of entrepreneurs—and accounting. There is a strange yet pervasive misconception that accounting is unchanged. That throughout every iteration and innovation across the business ecosystem, accounting remains the same. But sit down with Dennis and Bill and they will walk you through every meaningful, memorable, and even some disastrous, milestones in the evolution of accounting.

Why does that matter? Well, to really spur innovation—to really “move the cheese” (our favorite book)—you need to know not only where you want to go but also where you’ve been. What didn’t work, what did work, and why you’re about to embark on the next major innovation.

With 20 years under our belts, innovation isn’t a dream—it’s a story. It is Dennis and Bill’s story. It is’s story. And this year, as we celebrate 20 years and counting, we invite you to join us in our story—because for every story we can share about the past 20 years, we’ll soon author countless new stories as we continue to innovate, develop, and evolve the world of accounting services for entrepreneurs.

So with that, we'd like to wish a massive happy birthday to ADC and thank everyone who has been there along the way. Stay tuned throughout 2024 to see some of the exciting things the ADC team has up their sleeves to celebrate 20 years of success!


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