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18, February

9 Financial Data Points that Inform Business Strategy

A company's current and past financial health are key indicators of its long-term growth potential. So, it follows that a proper modern business analysis relies upon various sets of financial data points and ratios. Further, financial data point analysis is critical to strategic planning, which is, in its final stage, about allocation of resources limited by the business's financial realities. Therefore, the company's financial position, goals, performance and resources are integral to strategic planning, implementation and performance monitoring processes.

1, January

New Year Accounting Resolutions for Your Business


For many of us, the end of a year wouldn’t be complete without making resolutions for the next one. Desperate to.

15, November

Small Business Owners and the Proposed Tax Plan

President Trump has proposed a new tax overhaul that will have a profound effect on small business owners. Of.

8, August

How to Get Your Employees Excited About Accounting

As a business owner or manager, you know how important understanding your numbers is. But if front-line employees.

3, February

Why You Don't Know What Your Bookkeeping Is Missing

We talk to a lot of business owners on a regular basis. They come to us for various reasons—some exciting, such as.

21, January

3 Ways to Use Revenue Forecasting to Even Your Cash Flow

Knowing when to expect money coming in and how much is going out is basic business accounting, but that doesn't.

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