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23, July

ADC’s Cathy Becker to Join Jirav at AICPA Engage

Cathy Becker, CPA, Senior Controller and Project Manager here at, is speaking at AICPA Engage 2021, joining forces as a panelist with the Jirav team! Along with Blake Oliver, Martin Zych, and Bruce Phillips of Jirav for "Financial Forecasting: Add Value, Save Time and Delight Clients", Cathy will share her experience and knowledge with attendees in person and virtually. This session promises insights from process innovators, sharing tips on how to develop a scalable forecasting and budgeting service offering for clients, opportunities to position it appropriately, and ultimately, create a new profit center within accounting firms and services. The expert panelists are each visionaries in the world of budgeting and forecasting, and will provide insightful methods on data to collect, questions to ask, and tools to be more productive. 

12, May

5 Financial Metrics and KPIs to Help Your Business Grow

As a business owner, there are many different metrics and KPIs out there for you to follow that can give you insight.

23, April

Finding the Best Accounting Service for Your Clients

It's generally unanimous that B2B CFO® Partners want to offer an option for their clients that is going to give them.

14, February
14, January

Identify High-Performance Revenue Channels and Eliminate the Losers

Whether you run a small, medium, service-based, or product-based business, chances are you offer a variety of.

8, January

Accounting Indicators To Watch When Scaling Your Business

When you’re considering scaling your business, much of the information you’ll see is about strategy. However,.

18, February

9 Financial Data Points that Inform Business Strategy

A company's current and past financial health are key indicators of its long-term growth potential. So, it follows.

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