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8, June

Security Concerns in Outsourcing Accounting Information

Data security is a top-of-the-mind concern for businesses outsourcing their accounting services. Data breaches continue to occur at a disturbing pace, victimizing high-value targets as well as small to medium businesses. This environment may be cause for concern especially if you are turning over your company's financial information as you outsource to third party bookkeeping services. There are several strategies to consider to protect your company's data whether you are currently a client of an outsourced accounting service or are in the process of sourcing one for a new relationship.

10, March

Cover Your Bases: Cybersecurity for the Government Contractor

Cybersecurity guidance and requirements for government contractors continue to evolve and will have a big impact on.

6, October

How To Know If You Can Trust Your Bookkeeper

In our prior post, we talked about how to find an outsourced accounting service you can trust. But you may still be.

5, October

Cloud Accounting Concerns: Protecting Financial Data

Author : Kris Merritt
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In 2014 you likely heard about a massive data security breach in which 1.2 billion—yes, BILLION—email address and.

28, April

Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud? What You Need to Know

Most organizations that consider switching to cloud-based services are rightly concerned about security. In.
31, March

C-Suite Tips for Keeping Finances Cyber-Secure

Think your C-suite doesn’t need to be tech-savvy? Your CFO isn’t the only one who needs to know how to protect.
30, October

Do Your Accounting Policies Keep Your Financial Records Secure?

What does your current accounting department look like? Does your company bookkeeper (if you have one, that is).

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