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28, April

Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud? What You Need to Know

Most organizations that consider switching to cloud-based services are rightly concerned about security. In addition to the financial consequences of a data breach, the reputational harm from losing your clients' or employees' private data can be crippling. However, moving to the cloud can actually make your data safer if you know what to look for.
31, March

C-Suite Tips for Keeping Finances Cyber-Secure

Think your C-suite doesn’t need to be tech-savvy? Your CFO isn’t the only one who needs to know how to protect.
28, March

Security Concerns in Outsourcing Accounting Information

Data security is a top-of-the-mind concern for businesses outsourcing their accounting services. Data breaches.

23, February

How To Know If You Can Trust Your Bookkeeper

In our prior post, we talked about how to find an outsourced accounting service you can trust. But you may still be.

30, October

Do Your Accounting Policies Keep Your Financial Records Secure?

What does your current accounting department look like? Does your company bookkeeper (if you have one, that is).

1, July

Is Cloud Accounting Software a Good ROI?

Given the widespread adoption of cloud-based software across all industries and technology platforms, it is easy to.

12, June

Online vs. Conventional Backup Data Systems

Author : Bill Gerber
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Traditionally, conventional backup systems were sufficient in protecting data stored on servers, but with the advent.

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