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7, March
2024's 20th Year is Here!

Author : Mike DeFusco
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Two decades ago, a brilliant CPA joined forces with a daring sales expert, united in their mission to revolutionize how entrepreneurs approached their accounting needs—and thus, came into existence. While that may be the condensed version passed down in company lore, the reality is far more captivating and undoubtedly inspiring.

3, March
2023 is 19! is 19 years old today. Wow. When I started here in November of 2013, we were rapidly.

3, March

Happy Anniversary Dennis and Bill | A 17 Year Story

17 years ago, an ingenious CPA partnered with a maverick sales guy in a shared goal to change how entrepreneurs.

26, July

Team ADC Virtual Summer "Kick-Off" Challenge - A Brief History

This year is celebrating 15 years - but there is a lesser known date which we feel needs to be.

13, March

The CEO's Dilemma - Solving the Accounting Problem with Dennis Najjar, CPA, CGMA - Happy 15th Anniversary ADC!

Several years ago, ADC co-founder Dennis Najjar took a trip out to Colorado to meet with a group of CEO advisors. They.

12, March

Our Crystal Ball Culture - Controllers On Supporting Clients' Needs - Happy 15th Anniversary ADC!

We admit it, we have a hard time truly conveying the experience our clients have when working with their controller and.

8, March

Recognizing 111 Women We're Lucky to Call Employees - Happy 15th Anniversary ADC!

Every year on International Women's Day we pause to reflect on the tremendous impact our female team members have made.

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