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2, April

Accounts Receivable Defined

Unless you work in accounting, you might not understand exactly what the words “account receivable” actually mean.  Often shortened to A/R or AR, accounts receivable constitutes the money owed to a business.  In contrast, accounts payable is a reference to the money the business pays to other businesses and entities.

11, October

How to Speed Collection of Your Accounts Receivable

Do you have strong sales but still find yourself in a cash crunch? The solution could be shortening the amount.
27, May

5 Tips to Get Clients to Pay on Time

We are generally industry agnostic when it comes to the clients we serve, but we count a significant portion of our.

31, August

What is Aging and How Does it Help Your Business?

Aging is an accounting process that tells you how long you've had an asset or how long a bill has gone unpaid..

26, May

How to Increase Your Business's Collection Rates

Most businesses that invoice customers later struggle with getting all their customers to pay in full and on time..

6, August

Smart Tools to Improve Cash Flow and Collections

No business can operate over the long term without generating sufficient cash inflows. Even a profitable firm will.

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