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Fyle Elevates its Game with American Express

Fyle provides a software solution that empowers small businesses to effortlessly access their corporate credit card transaction data, granting them enhanced insight into employees' expenditures in real time. This software seamlessly integrates with the accounting tools of small businesses, automating the retrieval of expense data and relieving finance teams from the burden of manual transaction input.

Fyle is utilized by businesses to streamline expense reporting, credit card reconciliation, approval processes, reimbursements, accounting integrations, and other essential tasks. By utilizing Fyle, businesses can save valuable time and effort typically spent on managing expenses.

To bring its product offerings to another level, Fyle has recently unveiled a groundbreaking agreement with American Express that enhances its capability to provide businesses with essential expense data. Building on existing partnerships with Visa and Mastercard, Fyle is excited to announce a new integration with American Express that allows it to facilitate virtual credit card setups for its business clients within the network.

Fyle's partnerships with Visa, Mastercard, and now American Express aim to alleviate the challenges faced by small businesses using corporate credit cards issued by these networks – which make up the majority of the market. Fyle achieves this by providing companies with access to real-time transaction data from the credit card network. Whenever a corporate credit card user makes a purchase, the transaction details are instantly visible to the company, enabling the accounts team to stay updated.

To learn more about Fyle and how it helps our clients reach out to today.

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