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12, July

What are the Telltale Signs that Your Business is the Victim of Fraud?

Your business may have implemented procedures to help prevent bookkeeping fraud, but they're not 100 percent guaranteed to work. Nearly half of all small businesses experience some type of employee fraud for an average loss of $114,000. To avoid taking that kind of loss, you need to be able to spot the warning signs of employee fraud early on. Here's what to look for.

7, March

What Motivated Our Clients To Seek Outsourced Bookkeeping Services?

We talk a lot about the importance of having solid accounting processes and procedures in place to govern your.

22, November

How Virtual Accounting Creates Checks And Balances For Your Business

Virtual accounting is a term that describes nearly any type of accounting that’s not done in your own company’s.

16, April

How Checks and Balances in Virtual Accounting Processes Prevent Fraud

Author : Dennis Najjar
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Employee theft and corporate fraud occurs for a number of reasons. Sometimes, employees having financial difficulties.

11, April

3 Signs You Might Be a Victim of Accounting Fraud

Author : Dennis Najjar
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Are you suspicious of employee theft or fraudulent accounting practices in your mid-size, rapidly growing business?

9, April

Avoid Bookkeeping Fraud by Reviewing Accounts Payable

Author : Bill Gerber
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Unscrupulous in-house bookkeepers have many ways to commit fraud. Fortunately, if you keep an eye on your books, as a.

14, May

Cloud Accounting Offers Protection Against Fraud

One of the biggest myths about cloud accounting services is that they offer no fraud protection. You may even have.

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