Your Accounting Process Manual - Best Practices, Policies And Procedures

The difference between us and other providers lies in our attention to processes and procedures.

There are a lot of things that set us apart in the accounting services industry, but few more so than our adherence to accounting policies, procedures and best practices. From our very first day in business, developed and standardized consistent policies and procedures to streamline all accounting processes. All of our team members are trained on these policies and procedures and they are documented on both the company as well as the client level. Adherence to these virtual accounting best practices and standards creates consistency and accountability throughout, ensuring your monthly financial accounting reports package is always timely and accurate.

Because we understand that your business is unique and has specific reporting needs, policies and procedures are developed and compiled in an internal Client Procedures Manual (CPM). This document includes detailed instructions for capturing your business' daily financial activity, as well as creating specific tasks to be performed for monthly, quarterly and annual closings. It also ensures that we maintain complete stability and continuity for all clients, regardless of any shifts in staffing or internal dynamics.

If you lack sufficient processes in your internal accounting procedures or simply have a feeling that "there just must be a better way", we urge you to see what we're all about. We promise you will not be disappointed.


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