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When you partner with's virtual business accounting service, you have the flexibility of using several different channels to communicate with your dedicated team. Our employees are available the following ways during business hours in their designated time zones:


Email is our primary form of communication at We prefer to receive instructions via email so that all instructions are easily documented. You may forward emails to us from your vendors and customers. Email communication also allows your bookkeeper to handle your work more efficiently.

Since each bookkeeper has more than one client, your bookkeeper sets aside a block of time to work on your data each day. However, you may send documents and information via email at any time. Another reason we use email as the primary source of communication is to allow management to review all outgoing emails and stay up-to-date on client workflow and opportunities for improvement.


Video is a critical component of our communication at When you join as a client, our office manager sends you an email with simple installation instructions to connect with our company on Zoom. Since we are not set up in a standard brick-and-mortar office, Zoom Chat lets you know that your bookkeeper is “in the office.” Our bookkeepers mark themselves as “away” when they are not available or “out to lunch” when they are at lunch. We use Zoom for video and chat across the company and with all clients, from company-wide staff meetings to monthly closings. It is a great way to create a personal connection in a virtual world.


Today's businesses need the flexibility of instant communication to help ensure they stay on track and functional. We instituted text messaging to help get immediate or urgent messages to our clients. Our clients can expect succinct, clear messages to keep them informed and able to make quick decisions. 

Clients may chose not to receive direct text messages from their bookkeeper or controller but we have found that the majority prefer to receive text messages over many other communication formats when it comes to alerts and urgent messages.


Each team member has their own phone extension. If the bookkeeper has gone back and forth with you two to three times on any item or issue via email, we will call you to get a clear picture of what is going on. After each phone conversation, you are sent an email recap of the conversation documenting the discussion from our perspective. If you do not agree, then please reply and let us know.

Our virtual accounting services empower you to spend time on company finances as your schedule permits, letting you run your business more efficiently.

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