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16, July

How to Determine Profit Margins on Services

Understanding your profit margins is a critical component of healthy financial management. With a product-oriented business, profit margins are often largely focused on tangible goods and materials that are easily quantifiable. However, if you are in a service-based business, understanding profit margins can become a bit trickier. For services, determining profit margins requires looking into more intangible factors and qualitative factors to figure out whether your business is really getting a good ROI or not.

14, May

4 Factors You Are Likely Overlooking In Calculating Your Sales Margins

If you calculate your sales margins by subtracting the cost of inventory from your retail sales amounts, you might.

22, April

The Iron Clad Argument for Using Time Tracking for Salaried Employees


Asking employees to report how much time they are spending on each project can significantly increase.

3, March

Save Your Business by Improving Cash Flow

Understanding the difference between assets and cash flow is critical to business survival. Working with an.

28, March

Track Job Costing Through Your Accounting Software to Increase Profitability

Author : Dennis Najjar
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As a business grows, processes and procedures that were less significant in the beginning become critical to increasing.

17, February

What Your Accounts Receivable Balance is Telling You

Author : Bill Gerber
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Top accounting software can do a lot, but it can’t be clever. That part is entirely up to you, as well as the people.

23, January

Improving Your Cash Flow Without the Help of a CPA

Author : Bill Gerber
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You don’t need a certified public accountant on speed dial to tell you certain things. A business accountant is a great.

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