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24, March

How Do You Know What You’re Looking For – CFO or Controller?

What is the difference between a controller and a CFO? And, what factors should determine which of these two roles a business should add to its financial management team? The two financial leadership roles—Controller and CFO—are not the same, and neither  are the same as the role of an accountant. The term “Controller” refers to a specific set of financial and management duties, whereas "CFO" refers to a very different and broad range of strategic, technical, and leadership responsibilities.

10, December

4.5 Ways Virtual Accounting Serves Businesses In A Complex Economy

From health care regulations to international customers, today’s global economy is exceedingly complex, especially.

29, November

Get Control: Virtual Accounting Puts Proven Best Practices Into Place

Do you sometimes feel as if your business is a runaway train, and it’s going so fast you don’t know how you’ll.

26, November

7 Ways Outsourced Accounting Solutions Empower Your Profit Potential


As more companies turn to outsourced business solutions, from outsourcing IT and telecommunications with managed.

22, November

How Virtual Accounting Creates Checks And Balances For Your Business

Virtual accounting is a term that describes nearly any type of accounting that’s not done in your own company’s.

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