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8, December

Why DCAA Compliance is Important for Your Government Contracted Business

When you are a contractor for the government, it is very important that you follow various federal rules and regulations. DCAA compliant accounting is a widely used term in the contracting industry. With DCAA-compliant accounting, you can reduce the risks of problems with an audit and be much better prepared for an audit.  Being DCAA compliant means that you are simply following the rules and regulations. For example,  you have a business system in place that will be able to track direct costs, indirect costs, labor costs, billing costs, and accounting costs.

9, April

What is DCAA Compliance?

DCAA is short for Defense Contract Audit Agency. If your business seeks or has obtained government contracting work,.

preparing to scale in government contracting - client testimonial
4, March

Preparing to Scale DCAA Compliant Accounting | Client Testimonial

Things can move quickly in the world of government contracting and having a strong accounting department to back you up.

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