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31, January

Top 10 Payroll Mistakes You're Probably Making

Do you count gift cards given to employees as cash payments? Have a system for easy reimbursement for taxes when an employee is overpaid? Treat vendor payments as payroll before you receive a Form W-9? If you don't, you could be looking at serious fines from the IRS. Avoid these 10 common payroll and bookkeeping mistakes that small business owners tend to make.

1. Failure to Issue Form 1099 Correctly

Form 1099 should be issued to independent contractors and vendors who provide your business with over $600 in services. Failing to do so could lead to steep penalties.

29, January

When Do You Need to Issue 1099s?


After failing to pay your taxes, failing to file the appropriate returns is the second easiest way to incur the.

21, December

How to Set Up Class Tracking in QuickBooks

Want to go beyond standard account-based tracking in QuickBooks? Expanding into class tracking provides you with a.

26, October

How Much Should Companies Spend On Their Accounting Department?

Occasionally, we get asked to help companies understand where and why they should allocate budget to improve.

6, October

How To Know If You Can Trust Your Bookkeeper

In our prior post, we talked about how to find an outsourced accounting service you can trust. But you may still be.

11, September

Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for Independent Contractors

As an independent contractor, it's important to make sure your books are in order. One of the main reasons for this.

31, July

How to Account for Slow Seasons in Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash flow forecasting can make or break your business. Business owners need to know how much cash they have on hand.

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