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5, July

The 7 Deadly Sins of Bookkeeping

Accounting is a tedious and often stressful task for business owners. When working on the bookkeeping for a business, mistakes can occur if it is not completed meticulously. When a bookkeeping mistake happens, it provides inaccurate financial data about the company’s finances and may lead to poor business decisions. Accounting errors can also lead to serious budget problems. The guide below provides insight on seven common deadly sins of bookkeeping and how to avoid them.

1. Not Keeping Track Of Receipts

Business owners are sometimes not aware of the importance of keeping their business receipts for accounting purposes. Receipts are crucial evidence that can support tax write-offs to the IRS. Without a receipt, a business may not be able to claim an expense on its tax return. Consider scanning all receipts into the computer as well as keeping the original copy locked in a file cabinet for safekeeping.

28, June
8, June

Accounting for Temporary and Seasonal Employees

Now that fall is in full swing, many small businesses are dealing with wrapping up the final details of their seasonal.

17, May
12, April

5 Accounting Pitfalls Small Businesses Should Avoid

You value your small business, but are you doing all you can to ensure its security? Unfortunately, even seemingly.

7, April
27, January
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