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8, December

7 Common Accounting Problems Confronting Government Contractors - and How to Solve Them

Federal contractors face critical challenges in aligning accounting methodologies with the demands of the comparatively stringent requirements of their target market, the US government, vs. requirements of the commercial market base. Issues include maintaining constant audit readiness, the need for diligence and adroitness in information leveraging to develop a robust accounting operation, and the demand to stay on the cutting edge of applicable technologies and accounting workforce proficiencies, among others.

27, November

How Do You Determine Marketing Spend from a Marketing Investment?

Author : Bill Gerber
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When it comes to evaluating your business financials, your expenditures are typically sorted into spending and.

copy-right-protection-effective cover
21, November

Trademark and Copyright Protection: 3 Strategies for Effective Cover

Author : Dennis Najjar
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No matter what field you may work in, finding ways to ensure your ideas and intellectual property are protected.
13, November

Top 5 Challenges of Travel and Expense Management

International expansions, business mobility and globalization contribute to increased travel expenses for many.
12, November

4 Factors You Are Likely Overlooking In Calculating Your Sales Margins

If you calculate your sales margins by subtracting the cost of inventory from your retail sales amounts, you might.

8, November

The Case for Making KPIs Transparent to the Entire Team

Your business development team can't act on metrics that they can't track. Key performance indicators need to be.

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