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29, May

Improving your Bottom Line with a Cohesive Break-Even Analysis

What is break-even analysis? The break-even point is when your company is not making any profit. At the same time, it is the place in time where your company is not making any profits either. Basically, your company is covering expenditures but not gaining any profits. A break-even point gives you a target of what you need to shoot for to make profits. If you don't know your company's break-even point, you are shooting in the dark and you cannot see your target goal. A break-even analysis is definitely a very important function for your company. Knowing your company's break-even point can help you establish the right pricing and financial strategies. It helps you understand profits and losses and if you can't cover expenses, your company is just losing money.

22, January

Is Your Accounting Healthy?

Businesses can thrive or fail based on how healthy their accounting is. Don't guess! Measure the health of your.

3, November

What Are Clean Financials and How Can You Get Them?

We often hear prospective clients come to us explaining they are in need of clean financials. Interestingly, this is.

15, May

When an Internal Audit Can Set Your Mind at Ease

Many companies make internal auditing a regular part of doing business. Some maintain a full-time internal auditing.

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