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CFO / Controller Affiliate Program

CFOs and Controllers work with because the integrity of the financial data they receive is critical to making operational decisions. Whether you're a full-time CFO looking for bookkeeping or transactional support, a part-time or interim CFO requiring the involvement of controller oversight, or a Controller looking for back office bookkeeping support, puts the data you need right in your hands.

CFOs and Controllers working with benefit from bookkeeping and/or controller services that work to provide them with:

    • Full back office bookkeeping support
    • Accurate, timely and thorough financial statements on due dates you determine
    • Controller oversight to assist with forecast and budget projections
    • A documented procedure manual including reporting dates, deadlines and turnaround times
    • A seamless partnership with a bookkeeper and controller team
    • Clear and consistent communication

Our CFO Affiliate Program can be custom-tailored to your firm's unique needs. We typically offer a recurring revenue stream as well as other perks.

CFO Testimonial

As the full-time CFO of a company with nearly half its employees working remotely, I know how important it is that communication and protocols are established and maintained. Part of why functions so well as our full-time bookkeeping and transactional support is their pervasive company culture echoing the same values.

Evident in the leadership and extending throughout the company, the culture of quality shows in the importance given to the procedures, systems and processes in place. This ensures accurate, thorough and timely support, allowing me to focus on my own work.

Working with, I know that I can trust the integrity of the financial data and rely on the timely turnaround of financial statements. The systems in place eliminate the common problems that CEOs and CFOs encounter with temporary, revolving-door staffing firms by documenting a full process that allows any bookkeeper on their team to step in and take over seamlessly. Working with is stress-free and their contributions help our company move forward.

Jennifer Pearce
Chief Financial Officer
Prometheus Research, LLC

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