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4, June

COVID-19 | FFCRA Emergency Sick Leave Payroll Tax Credit

If you applied for and have received your PPP loan funds, you may be curious about what tax credits now apply to you. Perhaps, regardless of whether you qualified for a PPP loan, you want to explore possible tax credits that could apply for your business? When it comes to emergency sick leave payroll tax credits, there are options for both situations. Check out our list of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) items you should know.

27, May

COVID-19 | CARES Employee Retention Payroll Tax Credit

If you did not accept funds under a Paycheck Protection Program loan, you may want to consider tax credits that are.

11, September

The Iron Clad Argument for Using Time Tracking for Salaried Employees


Asking employees to report how much time they are spending on each project can significantly increase.

31, January

Top 10 Payroll Mistakes You're Probably Making

Do you count gift cards given to employees as cash payments? Have a system for easy reimbursement for taxes when an.

2, October

Employee Attendance Tracking and Payroll: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know


It's difficult to keep track of employees and their time spent on the job, more so if your operations span the.

26, December

Year-End Payroll Timing: Deadlines and Payment Scheduling

Author : Dennis Najjar
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As the end of the year approaches, it's important to be ready for your final payroll. Here's how to handle the.
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