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1, April

April Fools' Day: Please Pardon Our Interruption

The month of March is finally over and that alone is something to celebrate. Although we are still in the age of quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, we hope to add a brief moment of levity among the chaos. April Fools' has a long history of hilarious, and some cringey, corporate pranks. Here's a review of our April 2020 pranks for a small break from the news of current events.

1, April

Announcing Bookkeeper in a Box!

Today we unveiled the result of a year long project to better address client needs--our Bookkeeper in a Box 2.0!.

1, April
2014 Announces New Accounting Software

About a year ago we made an executive decision to undertake a bold new project--developing a proprietary accounting.

exit strategy alignment
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