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16, May

Top 5 Challenges of Travel and Expense Management

International expansions, business mobility and globalization contribute to increased travel expenses for many companies. The Global Business Travel Association predicts a 4 percent increase in costs for 2018, which puts extra pressure on organizations already struggling with cost management. These challenges frequently fall under five primary categories, and you need to overcome them to regain control over the company's expense accounts.
23, August

Expense Reporting and Management – How Can Automation Prove Beneficial?

Spreadsheets are versatile enough to manage almost all types of information, but they may not scale up when.

12, September

How to Create a Travel Policy That Follows Sound Accounting Practices

When you create a travel policy, your first goal is to reduce risks through standardization and clarity. A close.

30, August

The Controller's Guide to Employee Reimbursement and Travel Expenses

Employees are more mobile than ever, but how do you determine what is and isn't an acceptable, reimbursable business.

27, April

Getting Your New Business on Track

Launching a new business takes hard work and perseverance, but with the proper guidance, a solid accounting system.

19, March

SMB Online Accounting: Challenges and Opportunities

Proper financial accounting management is critical to any successful small to mid-size business, but this function.

13, February

The Top 5 Expense Management Challenges for SMBs

Businesses can’t operate efficiently if they don’t know how their budgets are being spent. Often, however, companies.

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