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Thought Leadership from the Leaders in Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Announces New Accounting Software

AD ROMAN April FoolsAbout a year ago we made an executive decision to undertake a bold new project--developing a proprietary accounting and bookkeeping SaaS solution--an entirely client-need driven solution designed through our experiences with clients and accounting technology over the past ten years.

Today you are among the very first to hear about our amazing new product--a brand new, cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping technology based entirely on Roman Numerals.

We realize there will be a bit of a learning curve as we transition from the old way of accounting to the AD ROMAN way--but rest assured we are here to support your successful migration every step of the way. To assist you with the appropriate conversion process, we have created a handy quick converter tool, which you can access here.

We believe that transitioning to a Roman Numeral based system will usher your accounting and bookkeeping processes into the next era--as well as provide extra security. Today's viruses, security threats and hackers aren't prepared to decode Roman Numerals--adding the extra layer of protection that your financial data needs.

We trust you are as excited as we are--and can't wait to get everyone computing the AD ROMAN way!

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