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Now is the time to be your best!

After attending the virtual Vistage Executive Summit in Philadelphia, PA, one of the important takeaways was the upcoming spark in the economy. Preparing for this is crucial for a business to continue growing and Joe Galvin of Vistage Worldwide laid out a few tips to do so.

Invest in Training

Business owners should be "sharpening the saw" from the top down. Training to keep yourself, your managers, and your other employees sharp and ready to tackle increased workloads and business flow will assist in setting up the business as a whole for continued success.

Redefine the Process

Things simply aren't the same anymore when it comes to how consumers are buying. Buyers will buy differently and sales teams need to adapt to the changes. E-commerce sales are on the rise and you want to make sure your sales teams are re-armed and re-energized to keep up with the current shifts in buying style.

Connect with Customers

Consumers, business owners, and potential clients are looking to invest in their growth. Creating a valuable, personal, and relatable connection with them often helps when it comes to locking in those deals and sales. Something as simple as that is what will create a sense of trust for the customer to invest their money in your product or service to greater assist them or their business.

Target Competitive Accounts

It is safe to say that not all businesses are adapting, handling, or surviving the economic changes that the COVID-19 pandemic presented in 2020. Setting the sights in on your competitor's clients can give you the upper hand moving forward. Capitalizing on the pessimism of others is important and reassuring potential (and current) clients that you are willing to go above and beyond for them with the product or service you provide is key.

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