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5, October

Cloud Accounting Concerns: Protecting Financial Data

Author : Dennis Najjar
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In 2014 you likely heard about a massive data security breach in which 1.2 billion—yes, BILLION—email address and password combinations were stolen by Russian hackers. According to the New York Times this was the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials—and that means there is a good likelihood that could have affected you or someone you know. At least 420,000 websites were discovered as part of this hack, including household names—which means everyone from college students to mommy bloggers to small business owners were put at risk of fraud and theft.

28, April

Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud? What You Need to Know

Most organizations that consider switching to cloud-based services are rightly concerned about security. In addition.
31, March

C-Suite Tips for Keeping Finances Cyber-Secure

Think your C-suite doesn’t need to be tech-savvy? Your CFO isn’t the only one who needs to know how to protect.
1, July

Is Cloud Accounting Software a Good ROI?

Given the widespread adoption of cloud-based software across all industries and technology platforms, it is easy to see.

8, February

3 Security Concerns with Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Cloud-based accounting programs are the latest in accounting technology. There are plenty of upsides, from ease of use.

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