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Team ADC Virtual Summer "Kick-Off" Challenge - A Brief History


This year is celebrating 15 years - but there is a lesser known date which we feel needs to be commemorated. On Monday, May 27 we officially kicked off our 6th Annual Virtual Summer Challenge to get our entire work-from-home team active this summer.

Each employee logs their own activity and mileage to virtually tour our favorite college football stadiums. Activity is a loose term here as most anything can be converted to miles, from cooking to water polo! For this year's challenge we are "traveling" from Washington State to Missouri and everything under and in between.  

2019-07-08_7-50-25 ADC Challenge RaceryTo power ADC’s summer 2019 virtual challenge, we’re working with virtual race platform Racery. In addition to offering virtual fitness challenges for companies, Racery builds virtual races for charities. Their routes include a virtual Everest stair challenge, a virtual English Channel swim and a virtual Moon walk.

Six years ago, our co-founder Dennis came up with the idea of "Walk-to-Work" Challenge. Of course tongue-and-cheek play on words for all of our home office crew. Incentives were given to participate and there was an honor system done by logging mileage in the very high tech excel spreadsheet. Since then we have upgraded to the exciting platform we have now.

For the past two years we have been able to form teams within the challenge to create fun competition and camaraderie.  In addition to the Racery dashboard, we also encourage updates and conversation on our internal chat platform and on our employee Facebook group. Participation is at an all-time high at 76% of the company -- we cannot wait to see the results of our activity. 

team-adc-boat-toteAlong with having fun, we also like to offer an incentive to participate. For this year that special item is a one-of-a-kind Team ADC insulated tote bag.

Our 2019 Summer Challenge centered our race around college football. To say our staff loves their college football would undermine the fiercely loyal fans that they are all year. As summer ends we look forward to participating Team ADC in the ESPN College Pick EM. It brings together our widespread workforce to enjoy a common hobby. It's always friendly, but nonetheless competitive!

In the end, we are still one team....And now the countdown to college football season!


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