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Thought Leadership from the Leaders in Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping Services is 19! is 19 years old today. Wow. When I started here in November of 2013, we were rapidly approaching our 10th anniversary and faced with the first big “but how do we celebrate this milestone” question. Of course, as the years have passed these questions have come at various intervals celebrating both time and event-based achievements—but the excitement and celebration grows with each one.

Having only been here a few months during the 10th anniversary, I couldn’t really speak to what ADC turning 10 meant but I recall the pride of more tenured employees sharing their experiences—and now we’re just a year from the BIG 20! In the past 19 years, we’ve created an epic highlight reel—one that I’m proud to have been a part of.

We’ve been awarded Top Company Culture by Entrepreneur Magazine. We’ve stood among giants with the Inc. Top Workplaces Award. We’ve established company clubs and groups ranging from Military Spouse employees to Book Club, Crafters, and our CardioAccountants (with our annual Summer Challenge recording thousands upon thousands of miles annually). We’ve joined our clients at Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Vistage, Genius Network, Small Giants Summits, Women Presidents’ Organization, Maverick, and so many more events. We’ve brought dozens of employees together at off sites to celebrate anniversaries and host multi-day strategy meetings. We’ve expanded from QuickBooks to NetSuite, built Government Accounting departments, and included advanced controller and advisory services within our expertise. We're running on EOS, driving forward on many goals, and scaling to accommodate a growing demand and client base. And amazingly, that is just the beginning.

Back in November of 2013, I was the 51st employee. We used GoToMeeting and were limited to 6 employees on camera at a time (imagine—we had to take turns!). Now we have nearly 200 employees and are all on camera together in bi-weekly company-wide staff meetings. We have staff in nearly every state in the continental US. Clients from coast to coast. And we’re planning BIG THINGS to celebrate our 20th Anniversary next year. In the meantime, I asked our team to share some of their experiences here. I hope you enjoy this selection of reflections and anecdotes! Happy 19th ADC!

“ADC has made me feel welcome and included from the beginning - my birthday was my 2nd day on the job and both Bill and Dennis reached out to say happy birthday even though they didn’t even know me yet, which was so nice! This is the first job I have had where everyone is treated like an equal no matter your role, and that is phenomenal and fosters such a positive company culture. I’ve been here almost a year and I don’t know where the time has gone!” – Leslie S.

“My favorite memory at ADC was family apple picking in upstate NY! We always encourage our staff to get together when possible to be in person since it's not typical with us spread across the country—Dennis, Bill, Jenny, and our families all got together and had a great time!”
-- Lisa A.

“My very first team call, Dennis and Bill told the entire company that they'd fired two clients because of how they had treated our staff. I knew I had found a great place to work right then and there.”
--David S.

“Bill brought me a box of tissues during my interview while I was bawling my eyes out (not their fault!)… and they still hired me! That was over 17 years ago…”
--Jenny C.

“One year I couldn’t make it to the company offsite meeting—my son had a baseball tournament. And Jenny said, ‘when Cristy can’t make it to the party, FLAT CRISTY DOES!”—so they brought a picture of me with them and made sure to include me in all the pictures everyone took!”
--Cristy P.

“Dennis has a really funny side—my favorite is the times he surprises all of us with his humor at the holidays—like every time he “elfs himself”… and Bill… and sends it to the entire company! Or the time he told me I was hired in the interview… but then was like “um, HR should probably tell you. But ok, welcome!”
--Stacy W.

“We were on our last family vacation before my son joined the Marines and I mentioned to Dennis and Bill that we would be in NYC. Next thing I know, half a dozen employees and their spouses were heading into NYC to join us at Carmine’s for lunch—I was floored that everyone came into the city and it's one of my most cherished memories.”
--Shelly B.

“When COVID happened, there was so much uncertainty in all aspects of life. The way Dennis and Bill were so transparent and supportive to all of the employees here at ADC through that time was a huge source of peace for me and my family. I was never worried about my job, and I was comforted by the measures Dennis and Bill took to ensure that. I’m so thankful for their leadership and the way they always stick to their “family first” core values.”
--Tiffany B.

“I remember being so excited to get my caricature employee headshot. That was how you knew you were officially at ADC back in the day—before we were on video all the time!”
-- Meagan G.


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