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The Remote Workplace is the Place to Be

Companies offering remote work over the last two years have become much more of common practice across many industries, and it continues to grow.

There are a fair amount of benefits to being a remote employee, but at the same time, not all companies know how to be remote employers.

Finding an employer that knows how to effectively and efficiently set up their employees for remote work is key. This could be a factor that separates the companies that have been offering remote opportunities since their inception and the companies that have become "COVID remote".

Working remotely may not be for everyone, but the benefits that it offers appeal to many, and the amount of workers in the United States that are taking advantage of these opportunities is growing significantly.

If you are a CEO or business owner considering incorporating remote work into your business model or looking for a remote career, these benefits show why the remote workplace is the place to be.

Higher Quality of Life

For an employer, offering remote work opportunities doesn't always mean full-time. Employees could have the option to work with a split schedule in and out of the office, but in the case of, our awesome team is spread out around the United States and works from the comfort of their own home every day.

Employees are given an increased level of independence and flexibility when it comes to remote work. It is often noted that remote employees end up being happier employees, which in turn leads to being healthier and more productive with completing work responsibilities. 

When employees are given a higher level of independence and trust from their employer, they also experience a significant sense of trust in their employers and managers. This trickle-down effect is a huge benefit of employees working remotely that leads to a direct effect on the quality and overall production of the work getting done.

Work Anywhere With Flexible Hours

The ultimate level of flexibility that comes with remote work is the ability to work wherever there is internet access. This is a dream of many and one that is attainable with a remote company. If you love to travel, this is a chance to spend time around the globe while continuing to meet deadlines. 

Having that level of flexibility allows for employees to travel on vacation, see family in different states during the holidays, shuffle the kids around to practice, and more. At, 

As an employer, offering this level of flexibility can lead to better employee retention as well. Being able to offer a career to those that have odd schedules or other commitments can lead to more opportunities to find the best candidates for a job. Having the ability to work from home with flexible hours will also lead to employees missing fewer workdays since they do things like go to a mid-day appointment, but still make up the necessary time outside of their typical schedule.

Save Time & Money

Remote work can be a time and money saver for both employers and employees. 

From an employer perspective, businesses save costs in terms of not having to pay for a physical space, utilities, internet, and other expenses. This allows owners to redirect some of their income into supplying employees with quality software and benefits for employees to increase overall efficiency. 

For employees, savings come in at an average of $4000/year for expenses that are now used much less or not at all, such as car maintenance, fuel, public transportation, and more. Those additional savings can eventually compound into funds for a vacation, a new car, etc. 

These benefits of a remote workplace only skim the surface overall. As a CEO/business owner or an employee, the pros often outweigh the cons if remote work is right for you. 

If you are interested in joining the remote workforce, may be the perfect spot for you. Visit the careers page on our website to check out open opportunities today!

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