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Maintaining Productivity While Working from Home

Working from home has many perks, but a few challenges are attached to it as well. Staying productive is the most important thing a remote employee can sometimes struggle with. As a fully remote company, all of our employees work from the comfort of their own homes, so we’ve laid out a few pointers to help battle the productivity struggle and knock out that task list of work on a daily basis.

Jump right into it, early.
  • When working an office job, that drive into the office will give your body time to wake up and be ready to work by the time you get in. In a work-from-home lifestyle, it could be tough some mornings to get from the bed to your desk and start the day off. To help battle the slow starts, jump right into your to-do list, first thing. Doing this immediately starts the day with productivity and doesn’t give morning sluggishness a chance! Once you are ready for a break, a quick breakfast can then be in order, but at this point, your mind is already in the zone and it will be a good day.
Act like you are heading into the office.
  • Working in your pajamas is great, but sometimes not having that clear separation between bed and desk chair can bog you down. While it may seem like a stretch, getting dressed in the morning as if you are going into an office will get you pumped up for the day and motivated to get started and work hard throughout.
Choose a dedicated workspace.
  • Don’t be mistaken, it is nice to work on the couch from time to time, but having a dedicated office space in your home will certainly make things easier. Rather than spending time all day in spaces that are usually associated with leisure time, having a specific room or area of the house as an office will create separation from distractions and other day-to-day house things. Going to this room or area of the house will simulate going into an office and get your mind into work mode.
Plan the day like you are in the office.
  • Utilizing tools like your calendar and creating daily to-do/task lists allows you to add structure to your day. Scheduling meetings throughout the day to break up the solo tasks will help prevent you from feeling burnt out on some things. Additionally, creating a list of things to do for the day will assist you with staying on task and keep you alert on when to switch from one task to another.
Work when personal productivity is its highest.
  • Everybody is different when it comes to their times to shine each day. There are morning people, afternoon people, and night owls. To capitalize on your personal productivity, save your challenging tasks for the periods of time that you know you are most productive. Use the slower points in your day to take care of smaller and simpler tasks on your plate. Knocking out the small tasks during your lulls can drive motivation for your more challenging tasks in the sense of feeling like more is getting completed.
Stay connected with your teammates.
  • It’s obvious that working from home lacks the “water cooler” conversation and constant person-to-person interaction that offices provide. However, utilizing tools like Zoom, Slack, and others, allows you to easily check in with your teammates, whether in an office or also remote. Having things like off-topics social chat rooms and virtual clubs/groups are one of the ways that has combatted the separation and some of our employees have met their best friends here! Having software like this within your network also keeps employees in the loop on projects, on task, focused on deadlines, and more in-tune with the larger operations of the company.
Find productivity through your ears.
  • Music can really set the tone for working through tasks during the day. Find the genre/type of music that works best for your different tasks. Rock music during writing tasks and electronic beats music during bulkier tasks, like email inbox sorting, might be your preference, but what is important is finding the music helps you really dial in and separate you from everything else going on outside of work.

Here at, we’ve been working remotely since 2004. Simply put, we have it down! Our employees are productive, motivated, and driven to get it done and get it done well. Many of us follow these few simple tips to get through our workload on a daily basis and it makes working from home that much better. If joining a remote team like ours may interest you, check out the careers tab on our website!

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