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Keeping Your Remote Employees Engaged

While remote work is new for many as of 2020, it is something we here at are well accustomed to. However, not having that in-person interaction requires a need to sometimes handle things differently. So we've come up with a list of ways that will help you keep your remote employees engaged and still feeling like a part of the company, no matter where they are.


A flexible employer is one of the greatest benefits for remote employees. While there are obvious hour requirements, meetings, and events that require attendance, trusting your remote employees to get their work done throughout the rest of the week is sure to keep them happy. It allows the employee to do more of what works best for them so that they can have a healthier and less stressful work-life balance. Here at, we have parents who do school drop-offs, employees that have doctor appointments, or maybe even just have to run an errand to the store before traffic gets crazy at rush hour and it's all good with us! We trust our remote employees to get their work done and we stress having a healthy work-life balance

Utilize Technology

Sometimes the tone of a conversation can get lost in an email, or a dozen back and forth phone calls may not be needed to convey a message. Using a program like Zoom that allows multiple forms of communication, outside of just email, can help alleviate those communication issues. Sometimes it's easier to jump on a 5-minute video call than sending a batch of back and forth emails, or even a few quick instant messages. There are many different types of programs out there that assist with internal communications and utilizing them to their fullest will help keep communication lines open with your remote employees.

Maintain Social Interaction

Branching off of the utilization of technology, that tech doesn't always have to be used for formal business work. Creating spaces for your employees to interact and take part in some "water cooler" conversation will give them an opportunity to step away from work for a quick break like they would in an office setting. We offer our employees breakout chat rooms for off-topic conversation along with different clubs, such as the ADC Book Club, Cardio-Accountants, and more. Things like this are recommended to keep employee morale and give employees the opportunity to communicate with each other outside of the usual work.

Actively Ask for Feedback

Encourage and listen to feedback from your remote employees. Sometimes they may see things from a different perspective not being in an office and it will remind them that their opinion is valued. When employees are valued, they are typically happier and more willing to work. 

Keep Employees in the Loop

No one wants to feel like they're in the dark with company news or projects. In a hybrid workplace, it can be easy for remote employees to get left out of the loop with certain things. By using a project tracking system, you can keep all employees (in-person or remote) on the same page with updates and news on projects. Hosting regular meetings between the company, departments and even 1-on-1 will also assist in keeping a regular dialogue between all employees.

Support New Hires with Thorough Training

You always want to ensure that you are giving your employees the tools they need to succeed. Training is crucial for new remote employees and even for teaching tenured employees new things. Having a strong and comprehensive training plan in place will ensure that your remote employees are confident during their onboarding and while taking on any additional responsibilities.

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