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15, August

Negotiate Your Way to Startup Funding With These 5 Tips


When you're raising money to grow or start your business and have investors in mind, you need a game plan to get funding. Unless you inherited millions of dollars to invest in your ideas, bootstrapping a startup won't cut it. Instead, try this five-step plan to negotiate your way to startup funding:
27, July

Are You Guilty of the Top 5 Accounting Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make?

Most entrepreneurs have no problem coming up with big ideas for how to start a new business. Despite this creative.

31, May

How To Get Funding For A Non-Profit Startup

Since most nonprofit organizations are focused on the public good, you would think they'd be easy to start. Of.

3, April

The One Simple Equation That Explains Why Most Startups Fail

Why do 90 percent of businesses fail? Of course, there may be many factors involved and each startup fails in its.

2, March

Moving On and Up: Accounting Options for Growing Startups

Author : Bill Gerber
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As your business grows from a start-up to a full-fledged established company, you'll have more decisions to make.

25, April

To VC or Not to VC: Whether or Not You Should Seek Angel Investors


Venture capital is often touted as a source of startup income for entrepreneurs and small business owners. However,.

27, April

Getting Your New Business on Track

Launching a new business takes hard work and perseverance, but with the proper guidance, a solid accounting system.

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