Deltek to QuickBooks, the DCAA Way

We manage all your accounting and bookkeeping services, including migration from Deltek to Quickbooks, to ensure complete compliance with DCAA regulations while relieving the burden on your internal resources.

Many government contractors have recently realized they do not have to use Deltek and incur costly licensing, management and IT support fees. QuickBooks can be used for DCAA compliance at a fraction of the cost, as long as you work with an expert to manage the transition and oversee the bookkeeping and controller services. We provide end-to-end accounting and bookkeeping solutions to government contractors ranging from $1 million to $50+ million in annual revenue.

We partner with a third party expert to ensure preparedness for DCAA audits, complete transitions to QuickBooks platforms and verify suitability of QuickBooks use for every GovCon client.

Some of the conversions from Deltek to QuickBooks we manage with the assistance of a third party expert include:

   Chart of Accounts Migration

   Customer, Employee, Vendor and Item Lists

   Vendor Payments and Credits

  Invoices, Sales Receipts, Customer Payments and Credit Memos

  Purchase Orders, Estimates and Sales Orders

  Journal Entries

  Reporting Structures, Including Project/Contract Management and Balance Sheets

DCAA Compliance Checklists & Tools

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We also help ensure your accounting is always audit-ready and compliant with the latest DCAA regulations. Find out how our team of 60+ full-time, W-2 employees located throughout the United States can help you.

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