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Cloud Accounting Concerns: Protecting Financial Data

Posted by Kris Merritt on Tue, Mar 24, 02015

Last year you likely heard about a massive data security breach in which 1.2 billion—yes, BILLION—email address and password combinations were stolen by Russian hackers. According to the New York Times this was the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials—and that means there is a good likelihood that could have affected you or someone you know. At least 420,000 websites were discovered as part of this hack, including household names—which means everyone from college students to mommy bloggers to small business owners were put at risk of fraud and theft.

When Changing Your Password Goes From Annoying to Terrifying

For those of us with information stored in the cloud—a growing number by the day—concerns turn from simple annoyances (“Need to change my Staples password again!”) to gut-wrenching horror (“My financial data is in the cloud! Somebody stop them!!!”). With more of our clients turning to cloud-based accounting software to manage everything from their bookkeeping and payroll to expense reporting and time tracking, we know there is a lot of sensitive data floating around in the cloud—and a lot of reliance on accounting technology providers to protect this data.

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SMB Online Accounting: Challenges and Opportunities

Posted by Kris Merritt on Thu, Mar 19, 02015

Proper financial accounting management is critical to any successful small to mid-size business, but this function is often misunderstood when it comes to budgeting and aligning resources and capabilities. For example, although a small business owner could theoretically find the time to take care of their own accounting needs while running every other aspect of their company, this does not mean that they have the necessary knowledge or skills to avoid costly mistakes.

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Easing Your Way Into Online Accounting Services

Posted by Dennis Najjar on Tue, Mar 17, 02015

Are you considering hiring a virtual bookkeeping service, but haven’t yet taken the plunge because you’re used to doing things the “traditional” way by keeping all of your accounting practices in-house? Are you worried that handing over control of your company’s accounting will leave you open to losing vital information that could cost you dearly? Don’t think that you have to dive headfirst into it. It’s entirely possible – and even strongly recommended – to ease your way into working with an online bookkeeping firm by testing out their services gradually. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that.

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Online Financial Accounting Makes It Easy to View Your Statements

Posted by Bill Gerber on Thu, Mar 12, 02015

Do you find it challenging to manage your bookkeeping staff so they deliver important financial statements on time? Do you always have the financial information you need when you need it?

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Key Technology Options to Consider for Your Cash Flow Management

Posted by Bill Gerber on Mon, Mar 09, 02015

Your business requires consistent cash flow for business operating expenses, invoice payment, and other expenditures. Handling your financial management by hand with a paper-based system puts you far behind your competition. As your business grows, technology solutions are necessary to scale with your size and cash flow management needs.

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3 Things Your Bookkeeper Knows About Your Business--That You Don't

Posted by Dennis Najjar on Fri, Mar 06, 02015

How well do you know your own business? Think about it.

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4 Ways to Figure Out if You Need Online Accounting Services

Posted by Bill Gerber on Tue, Mar 03, 02015

Finding yourself wondering whether online accounting services may be the right fit for your business? Clients seek out services such as ours for all kinds of reasons but some themes tend to stand out from the rest as common pain points for business owners. From late taxes and filing extensions year after year to wondering what your in house bookkeeper is really doing every day, if you’re experiencing any of the following, you just might need online accounting services.

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Are You Ready For Outsourced Controller Services?

Posted by Kris Merritt on Fri, Feb 27, 02015

There comes a time in the growth of every successful business where the owner or CEO starts to feel that their basic bookkeeping simply isn't enough. If they're lucky, their books are clean and the integrity of their financial data is secure. (We'll let you figure out what their books look like if they haven't been so lucky.) Yet, in the growth process, owners find themselves wanting more from their data. Books closed on time isn't enough--they need insights and reporting to help guide their business through the next stages.

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3 Areas Where Small Business Can Improve With Outsourcing

Posted by Bill Gerber on Tue, Feb 24, 02015

Today's small businesses (“SMBs”) constantly find themselves facing an uphill battle when it comes to competing against enterprise corporations and in the greater global economy. While emerging tools and technologies have leveled the playing field in some ways, the lack of manpower and expertise across disciplines still has SMBs finding themselves at a disadvantage. While tempting to tack on new departments and grow internally, most SMBs do not really have the resources or abilities to do this properly. If they attempt it at all, many new positions will be added without proper planning or management. Yet, in light of all of this, all is not lost for small businesses. To combat specific needs for expertise or additional manpower, small businesses can look outside to professional service providers to leverage their abilities while maintaining focus on their core competencies and primary objective—growing their business.

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5 Technology Innovations Supporting Outsourced Bookkeeping

Posted by Dennis Najjar on Fri, Feb 20, 02015

Effectively outsourcing bookkeeping requires a significant amount of transitioning to electronic and cloud-based systems. If you've been heavily reliant on paper reporting, hand-keyed entry and snail mail invoicing, making the transition to outsourced bookkeeping will change all of this. In part because it is simply more effective to automate your accounting systems and also because engaging with an outsourced provider is a fundamental part of improving business processes, embracing accounting technology is an important step. Rest assured however, that technological innovations across the board have gone to great lengths to support outsourced bookkeeping. 

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