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Is Cloud Accounting Software a Good ROI?

Posted by Bill Gerber on Wed, Jul 01, 02015

Given the widespread adoption of cloud-based software across all industries and technology platforms, it is easy to see how cloud-based accounting software would likewise gain traction across the accounting technology spectrum. Additionally, as cloud-based accounting tools are likely to grow in popularity over the coming years, the prudent CEO needs to consider whether to convert to a cloud-based accounting system is a good decision for ROI. While we recommend discussing your options with an accounting services or outsourced bookkeeping provider to learn whether these opportunities are a good fit for your business, the following should help you get started in your investigation.

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How Hires For Bookkeeping Services

Posted by Dennis Najjar on Wed, Jun 24, 02015

To date in 2015, received 2,238 applications for its bookkeeping, accounting manager and controller positions. For a small company (approximately 70 professionals—and growing!), those are not small numbers. In fact, sourcing the sheer volume of talented applications we receive takes considerable effort to produce valuable results—valuable results that we rely on to scale our services and ensure a continued adherence to excellence in procedures and execution. Why does this matter? Well, as part of a “behind the scenes” take on this week, today we are inviting you to explore how we hire and vet our prospective new employees, a fundamental part of how we grow our business and continue to provide superior bookkeeping services to support our clients.

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Why We Took Our Entire Client Implementation Team to Scaling New Height 2015

Posted by Kris Merritt on Mon, Jun 22, 02015

In the accounting services industry, is pretty much known for doing everything online and in a virtual environment. With staff around the country, we do virtual better than anyone—after all, our company and our clients depend on it. However, this week we’re mixing it up and bringing our Directors and entire Client Implementation Team together in person and in one place: Scaling New Heights 2015 in New Orleans. But why, with all the importance we place on virtual processes, do we think this is important? Well, for quite a few reasons actually.

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How To Get Started With Online Accounting Services

Posted by Dennis Najjar on Tue, Jun 16, 02015

When a business is considering making a change in its accounting services, many factors are given consideration and due diligence. One of the most critical areas of focus at a time of significant change is how to manage the transition effectively—and doing so can ultimately mean the difference between a successful and positive experience and failure of even the most basic accounting functions.

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Online vs. Conventional Backup Data Systems

Posted by Bill Gerber on Fri, Jun 12, 02015

Traditionally, conventional backup systems were sufficient in protecting data stored on servers, but with the advent of cloud-based data backup systems, additional benefits and pitfalls to storing data online have become a serious point of consideration for business owners. Online backup systems can take data protection one step further by protecting against viruses, earthquakes, floods and even hardware failure--but they can also open businesses up to data security blunders.

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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Accountant

Posted by Kris Merritt on Tue, Jun 09, 02015

An accountant is like a dentist — you don't know how good they are until it's too late. And while we don't replace the CPA in your business, we do work with them quite a bit to help you keep your records and filings in order. These 10 questions will help you find an accountant that's the right fit for your business and complement your bookkeeping services.

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Checklist: How To Decide If Outsourcing Fits Your Business Model

Posted by Dennis Najjar on Fri, Jun 05, 02015

As a provider of outsourced bookkeeping and controller services, we have a keen understanding of the ways in which fractional outsourcing can support businesses. Yet we are also the first to recognize that there are many situations in which clients are actually not a good fit for outsourced services. From simple limits in size and scope to a disconnect between internal practices and external resources, outsourcing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, if you’re considering outsourcing any non-core competency, this checklist will help you decide if it is the right path for you. 

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How Selects Its Preferred Accounting Technology

Posted by Bill Gerber on Wed, Jun 03, 02015

When clients or prospective clients approach our team with their bookkeeping challenges, it often results in a recommendation of an accounting technology solution. A large part of the reason behind this is that implementing accounting technology solutions typically creates better, more cohesive processes and improves overall efficiencies in budget allocations, data integrity and financial management—to name a few. However, our recommendations are based upon a myriad of factors, some of which you may wish to employ in your own investigations.

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How Much Should Companies Spend On Their Accounting Department?

Posted by Dennis Najjar on Thu, May 28, 02015

Occasionally, we get asked to help companies understand where and why they should allocate budget to improve accounting functions. Typically this stems from a concern that a company is overpaying for its accounting and bookkeeping and highlights a desire to improve efficiencies and decrease costs. While the two are not always intrinsically linked, there are often opportunities to improve across the board—from reducing costs to improving results.

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Tags: outsourced accounting services, small business bookkeeping, accounting services Co-Founder Dennis Najjar to Chair Stevie Award Committee

Posted by Andrea Boccard on Wed, May 27, 02015

Today we are excited to announce that co-founder Dennis Najjar will chair the final judging committee for the Company / Organization Awards in the 13th Annual American Business Awards (Stevie Awards). Together with many of our industry colleagues and clients, we will spend time over the next two weeks reviewing all the finalists across many categories to decide the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners for this year's awards.

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