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Do Your Accounting Policies Keep Your Financial Records Secure?

What does your current accounting department look like? Does your company bookkeeper (if you have one, that is) have people constantly in and out of her office? Are papers strewn across her desk or kept in an unlocked file cabinet near the door? Is your bookkeeper diligent about shredding important paperwork, or does it often get tossed in the trash intact, where everyone from the mailroom employees to sanitation workers can see it?

What about your office internet security? Is your network fully secured, or do you ever have visitors tapping into your network temporarily (with or without permission)? Do all employees use difficult-to-guess passwords? Or does your bookkeeper often leave her desk with her computer screen wide open for anyone to see?

Good accounting policies and procedures do not just involve accurate and honest bookkeeping. It also involves keeping your sensitive company information secure and confidential. If your bookkeeper is still handling paper at all, if your company network isn’t secure, or if your bookkeeper has people in and out of her office all day, it’s hard to vouch for the security of your company information.

Outsourcing Accounting Services and Record Storage Can Keep Improve Your Security
Paperless accounting methods can seem overwhelming to implement but when done correctly can significantly improve the security and integrity of your financial data. Additionally, keeping sensitive information away from prying eyes can protect not only the privacy of the business finances but the owners and key executives as well. Of the many security-focused perks of outsourcing accounting, removing the possibility that local personnel can come in contact with financial records or make them available to others (intentionally or unintentionally), can mean a world of difference for long term financial security. 

7 Reasons Virtual Accounting is Better Than In-House Staff

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