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The Last ERP System You'll Ever Need

Every business owner loves growth. It's simple. But what's not so simple is if the business can handle growth. When businesses are operating on dated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, it's easy to outgrow and be throttled back on growth because of it.

Oftentimes, businesses will have some sort of accounting software in place, but not always does it have the capabilities to pull together detailed reports, allow real-time access to financial data, and even go as far as tracking inventory - all in one system. For many, manual processes bridge the gap between software automation. With a system like NetSuite in place, business owners can sit back knowing it will go the distance and be the last ERP system they will ever need to help manage their business.

NetSuite is in it for the long haul

When businesses look for new ERP systems, the primary goal should always be to find something that can be used forever. Transferring data, training staff, and implementing an entirely new system is no small task, so who wants to have to do it every few years as a business grows? 

By taking the time to invest in NetSuite and properly implement it the first time around, business owners can rely on NetSuite to always be ready to grow as needed and provide a strong and reliable backbone for business operations.

NetSuite is a clear winner in terms of usability compared to other systems right from the start. Most businesses have to customize large chunks of their system just to get it to align with their business's goals, while NetSuite typically does not require any customization until users are deeply rooted into the system. Businesses can take advantage of the numerous modules and integrations offered by NetSuite right off the bat. 

Commonly experienced benefits from switching to NetSuite

Communication: NetSuite provides clear communication channels across many departments and areas of a business to keep all parties in the loop on stats, financials, stock levels, and more.

Real-time Dashboards: With NetSuite dashboards, a sales team can quickly access the insights they need for successful client interactions, accounting teams can view real-time financials, warehouses can view accurate inventory levels, and more.

Ease of Use: The ease of use for employees is unmatched, making the onboarding process with NetSuite seamless.

Growth Capabilities: Business owners can be worry-free, knowing that NetSuite has the capacity to easily integrate new facilities and retail acquisitions and the company grows over time.

Reporting. Thanks to NetSuite's easy-to-use dashboards, employees across the business, including the controller, are able to save time and effort on reporting. Sales reps now have their own personalized dashboards, allowing the controller to spend more time analyzing sales data instead of just delivering it. 

Prepare for the future

Successful businesses are those that look ahead and stay future-focused. Starting early with NetSuite ERP poises businesses for growth early on and allows for the addition of NetSuite functionality as needed in the future. Having access to the system offerings and data that NetSuite provides gives businesses the confidence that they are ready for whatever comes their way.

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