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Spend Management: Tips and Strategies for Effective Cost Control

Every business faces a variety of major accounting and spending-related challenges. Chief among them — how can a business keep its spending to a minimum while still ensuring that they invest in growth areas and achieve its business goals?

When incorporated correctly and managed by a competent outsourced accounting expert, spend management can be critical in helping any business reduce expenses and properly account for any money they spend.

What Is Spend Management?

Spend management is a comprehensive approach to how a business spends money. It specifically deals with when a business makes an expense and ensures that every dollar spent is done in the most efficient way possible. 

Spend management focuses on numerous areas. First, it involves a complete digitization of all expenditures. Employees can enter all expenses into a centralized database. This digitization allows a business to sort, organize and analyze data. From there, a business can determine the best way to spend money. Whenever possible, this data entry is automated. 

The spend management process also ensures that humans with experience check and recheck data to confirm that money isn't being wasted. In this sense, spend management incorporates vendor relationships and consistent monitoring of all company purchases and payments. 

The comprehensive nature of spend management also analyzes vendors, monitors for better deals, optimizes costs, and makes specific recommendations about how a business can better reign in costs. However, spend management also understands that vendor relationships are complex. As such, spend management may involve incorporating the RFP/RFQ process, negotiating discounts with vendors, protecting supply chains, supervising outsourcing decisions, and analyzing data to ensure that money is being spent in the best way possible. 

What Are the Benefits of Spend Management?

When implemented correctly, spend management has numerous benefits. 

First, a business can save money. Spend management involves a complete and total utilization and overview of expenses and cash flow. As such, a business can have an extensive overview of expenses and where to save money. 

Spend management means automating and centralizing as many accounting and spending systems as possible. This automation reduces the odds of human error. In addition, it ensures that all data is in one central place, allowing account executives or top management access whenever needed. This centralization means that a business can create more time for individuals to engage in strategic thinking rather than mere data entry. Spending management can make an organization far more efficient and allow staff to be redeployed in more useful activities. 

The automation and centralization of data ensure that anyone in an organization can have a real-time review of all expenses, enabling immediate and accurate decisions. Businesses will longer have to wait for daily or weekly expense reports: Instead, key staff can access data in the cloud, ensuring that a business has all the information needed. 

Finally, centralizing spending management ensures that a business can bring in any necessary individuals from inside or outside of the organization to review expenses. As such, business leaders can broadly review where they spend money and bring in any necessary partners. 

How Can Outsourced Client Accounting Services Assist With Spend Management?

Many companies often try to internally operate their spend management processes. This process can be challenging. Getting spend management right means having numerous individuals fully dedicated to monitoring trends in an industry, as well as accounting, regulations, supply chains, and more.

In other words, spend management is a complex and expensive operation that is often unaffordable for businesses to manage internally. 

An outsourced client accounting service department can often provide better spend management services than one managed in-house. The complexity of this topic often necessitates having full-time staff that does nothing but spend management. A business that can find a vendor who is an expert in this field and can build long-term, stable relationships is often better suited to manage this area.

Spend management professionals get to know a business, understand its various quirks, and make decisions that are in its best interest in the long run. 

Furthermore, an outsourced accounting services firm can ensure the long-term continuity of operations. If a business has one person operate spend management, and that individual leaves, the business may have significant financial problems, as this loss of expertise may prove devastating. By contrast, an outsourced service may have multiple individuals working on an account. This structure can not only handle the loss of one person but also compartmentalize expertise, ensuring that numerous individuals can work with a business under any circumstances.

Lastly, as noted above, spend management incorporates numerous business practices. An outsourced client accounting service provider can have multiple people become experts in this role. Thus, a business can access several experts by working with an outsourced client accounting service provider. If a business hires spend management professionals in-house, they can only work with one generalist in this area. Such a process limits the knowledge-base and long-term effectiveness of any spending management effort. 

Partner With the Best

Spend management is a deeply complex process that often requires outside expertise. At, we've spent years developing the necessary expertise to help your business. We can offer comprehensive spend management services and help businesses in numerous cost-reduction areas, including expense management, accounting services, financial reporting, and more. Contact us today for more information. 

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