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Keep Manufacturing Businesses Organized with NetSuite

As a manufacturing business owner, keeping track of every moving part of your operation can be challenging. From tracking inventory levels to managing finances and processing orders, disparate systems can quickly become overwhelming.

Disjointed software can lead to inaccurate data and inefficient processes, making it challenging to achieve business goals. However, with NetSuite ERP, these problems become a thing of the past. In this article, we will explore how NetSuite ERP can help manufacturing businesses stay organized and achieve their objectives.

Improved Inventory Management

Inventory management is crucial for manufacturing businesses. When stock levels are low, you risk losing sales, but if stock levels are too high, you face the possibility of overstocking, decreasing profitability, and hurting cash flow.

NetSuite ERP provides real-time data and visibility to help you manage inventory levels effectively. You can automatically adjust inventory levels in real-time as goods are received, purchase orders created, and sales orders are processed. NetSuite ERP also provides detailed forecasting functionality, giving you the insight needed to make informed decisions about inventory levels.

Improved Visibility

Effective manufacturing requires coordination of every department, and that can be challenging with multiple software solutions. NetSuite ERP is an all-in-one software solution that helps unify different business operations.

When using different software solutions, data remains in different silos, leading to a lack of visibility. Finding information about any part of the process becomes a challenge, especially when preparing reports. NetSuite ERP helps to break these silos and provides a unified view, improving data visibility and accuracy. With NetSuite ERP, creating reports becomes both quicker and simpler due to the ease of data access.

Increased Financial Control

Handling finances is an essential aspect of managing a manufacturing business. With NetSuite ERP, financial management becomes more straightforward. With a comprehensive financial management module, you can automate bookkeeping tasks, pay your employees, and process payments quickly and easily.

NetSuite ERP also includes a suite of finance tools that support account payables and account receivables as well as tax management. Overall, NetSuite ERP helps manufacturing businesses save time and money while improving their financial organization.

Improved Data Analytics

Data is an essential aspect of any modern manufacturing business. With NetSuite ERP, you have access to data analytics features that give you valuable insights into your operations. You can monitor different key performance indicators such as sales performance, profit margins, fulfillment rates, inventory levels, and even manufacturing plant floor management.

This data is presented in easy-to-use, customizable dashboards that provide real-time data and trends that can be easily interpreted by stakeholders. With NetSuite ERP, you can make data-driven decisions that will help align your manufacturing business operations to your business objectives.

As we have seen, NetSuite ERP offers numerous benefits for manufacturing businesses to become more organized and efficient. From improved data and inventory visibility to streamlined processes and increased financial control, NetSuite ERP provides valuable insights that help businesses stay on top of their operations.

To learn more about NetSuite and how can help your business, visit the ADC blog. To take it a step further, learn more about's client accounting services for your business by reaching out to one of our team members today!

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