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How to Streamline Your Workflow with Outsourced Bookkeeping


Your business workflow evolves with your business, but sometimes fitting in the administrative work with the rest of your workflow is a difficult task. One way to cut down the frustration level is by including an outsourced bookkeeping service into your workflow.

Benefits of Incorporating Outsourced Bookkeeping

The biggest benefit from outsourcing your bookkeeping needs is reducing the amount of strain on your own business resources. Instead of hiring a bookkeeper on a full-time basis or roping an existing employee into doing accounting work, you work with a professional service. You aren't allocating manpower away from your core business practices or attempting to do a professional job without competency. You also aren't tasked with the responsibility of managing or training accounting professionals.

Another benefit of incorporating an outsourced bookkeeping service is working with professionals who encounter a variety of bookkeeping situations with your sized business. You aren't dealing with a fresh out of college accountant who hasn't run into the very tricky real world problems that crop up in a business on a day to day basis or a freelance bookkeeper looking to work "just enough". You're dealing with seasoned professionals whose sole task deals with bookkeeping and all the complications inherent in this duty. They also spend a significant amount of time figuring out the most effective bookkeeper technology solutions, saving your IT staff the trouble of doing research and implementation on-site.

How to Integrate Outsourced Bookkeeping with Existing Systems

You want to bring in an outsourced bookkeeping service, but you aren't sure how to integrate them with your existing systems or workflow. You have a few options depending on the service you're working with:

  • Utilize a cloud based accounting application and input your financial data. The advantage of this is that you're working through software they are experienced with, they have all the data on hand that they need from your company, and they maintain the hardware and software needed to do their job.
  • You provide a log in to your existing accounting software or have it hosted on their servers. This set up works best if you can't utilize one of the cloud-based platforms available. With the right hosting service, you may still be able to retain access any time, anywhere, allowing your access to easily mimick cloud accessibility.

Hidden Costs of Self-Managed Bookkeeping

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