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Can An Outsourced Bookkeeper Save Your Company?

Oftentimes, businesses do not have the ability to hire a team of experts in their accounting department. Many company owners attempt to manage the company books themselves, but this could easily lead to inaccuracies and issues somewhere down the road.

Even if a business has an accountant, it is not always their job to perform cash flow reports, income statements, or balance sheets. An accountant does not always perform everyday bookkeeping operations. Enter outsourced bookkeeping services.

Outsourced bookkeeping services are a good solution for a company's problems when it comes to having an all-around bookkeeper at their disposal. It can even go as far as keeping a company alive in the long run. Let's take a closer look at some of the ways outsourced bookkeeping services can help save a struggling company.


Obviously, you would not use a physician who has not gone to medical school. And you would never use a lawyer who didn't pass the bar. So, why would you use a bookkeeper who hasn't been properly trained? If you use a bookkeeper who is not professionally trained, your books are likely going to have errors, and this includes business owners that assume the bookkeeping role.

As a business owner, if you're taking care of the books yourself, you may not be the most qualified to do so, and recognizing that sooner than later can keep your company in a much healthier position.

Accurate bookkeeping needs to be a priority for your business from day one. With outsourced bookkeeping services, you get a professional who has been specifically trained in that area. Your books will be accurate and you will get a good financial picture of what's going on with your business.


Keep in mind that outsourced bookkeepers are not company employees. When it comes to employment costs, outsourced bookkeepers can save you a ton of money. Your company will not have to pay for things like salaries, wages, vacation time, health insurance, taxes, bonuses, training, and retirement.

Plus, you'll be saving money on the costs that come along with office space, if they work remotely. The bottom line is that outsourced bookkeepers are not your direct employees. Having an outsourced bookkeeper is much less expensive than having a full-time in-house employee and leaves a lot of room for growth without needing to expand an internal department.

Improved Levels of Security

Professional outsourced bookkeepers realize how important security is when it comes to your company's proprietary information, including a company's financial records. They implement innovative technology to ensure that all of your company's information is kept safe and private.

If your present bookkeeping system involves handwritten records that are stored in the office or any manual processes in general, you are leaving yourself open to theft and security breaches. In addition, you could lose important records from things like a flood or fire. These events would eliminate your physical paper records. You will not have to worry about any of these circumstances when using outsourced bookkeeping services, especially one that practices paperless workflow.

Sustainability and Growth

When you are a business owner, time is always of the essence. By using outsourced bookkeeping services, you will have the ability to spend more time directed toward your business.

An outsourced bookkeeper is in charge of handling all of your bookkeeping from start to finish. This gives you more time to focus on day-to-day operations, customer relationships, product development, and management. Entrepreneurs and CEOs shouldn't be spending their valuable time on bookkeeping and the outsourced option allows for that. 

More Cash For Other Areas

Business owners using an outsourced bookkeeping service provider may find itself with more cash to invest in other areas of the business. This is a direct result of the lower overhead costs that come with outsourced bookkeeping services.

In addition, you will only wind up paying for the work that is being done and the services that are needed specifically for your business.  This is always more cost-effective than having to pay an employee 40 hours every week when the bookkeeping workload may not be heavy enough to fill that time. It all contributes to a better bottom line for the business on its financial statements.

Go The Extra Mile With A Full-Charge Service Provider

Having an outsourced bookkeeping service provider is a step in the right direction for freeing up time, funds, and more for a business. But have you considered a full accounting department takeover by a company like

ADC does more than just day-to-day bookkeeping. We handle your entire accounting department from start to finish and ensure a high level of accuracy, potential cost savings, and more for most small to medium-sized businesses. Reach out to the team at ADC today to see what we can do for your business.



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