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5 Reasons We Discuss More Than Bookkeeping Services


If you are an ardent follower of our social media profiles, you may notice on occasion that we do not limit ourselves to bookkeeping or controller services focused topics. Don’t worry, we aren’t having an identity crisis. Instead we believe that it is our responsibility to share everything we can to support small and mid-sized businesses—and it turns out, we have a lot to share.

1 – We Are More Than Bookkeeping Services offers the best in bookkeeping services to growing and established businesses throughout the country. But we are first and foremost a growing business ourselves. With nearly 100 employees, we have some serious muscle in our marketing, sales and HR departments—and they’re all really excited and proud to share what they’re doing with other businesses. Our lessons in success (and failure) are yours for the taking. After all, aren’t we all here to support each other’s growth and sustainability?

2 – We Love Business

It isn’t a far stretch to understand how a love of financial management and accounting analysis can translate into a love of business. Armed with the data to steward your business, you can only be increasingly successful on all accounts. As a trusted advisor and partner to our clients, our love of business extends into an advisory role through our controllers, accounting managers and company directors. Go ahead, ask them anything.

3 – We Believe Education is Paramount

There is an old adage that goes something like “The CFO worries about employees leaving after the company spends money educating them. The CEO worries about employees staying without education.” In our company, everyone is constantly learning. With a company culture focused on professional and personal improvements, we offer sponsored online learning programs to our staff, attend many prestigious educational conferences throughout the year, and serve as lecturers and presenters on various accounting, marketing, business management, and HR topics to many audiences. For example, some of our bookkeepers and accounting managers teach accounting at their local universities, our marketing manager runs the Long Island HubSpot User Group (an educational marketing group) and guest lectures to college students on marketing careers, and our directors can be found flying around the country to teach CEOs and business leaders how to better address their company’s accounting processes and financial management.

4 – We Really Like to Share

We don’t just attend some of the most prestigious accounting, HR and marketing conferences in the country – we live tweet, share and post from the scene. With so much to absorb and learn from, we know that sharing is simply a part of our responsibility. So go ahead, follow us and get an up-close seat at some of the best conferences around—all without leaving your office! (Though if you would like to join us, let us know!)

5 – We Know SMBs Wear a Lot of Hats

Even with nearly 100 employees, we often find our employees juggling a lot of hats as we scale. Some of our clients are larger than we are and have large departments built and infrastructures to meet growth demands—but many are much smaller with human capital stretched thin. In fact, many of our clients are just starting to add much needed resources to grow—and can use all the help they can get. If we’ve recently unlocked the key to a new growth hacking idea or discovered an application that streamlines HR functions, we consider it our moral obligation to share it with the SMB community.

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