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Why We're A Good Fit for Military Spouses


Military spouses make great sacrifices. Our military spouses often face unique challenges, such as having a deployed spouse while caring for a new baby. We're proud to promote a culture of support and care, including a social group exclusively for military spouses and a flexible work environment understanding of personal needs and circumstances. We're proud to employ and support military spouses and their families. 

One of the things that makes unique is our 100% work-from-home culture since our founding in 2004. This remote workforce structure has an immeasurable number of benefits, including being able to attract the best-in-class accounting professionals regardless of their location, personal life, or specific needs.

In establishing this virtual structure, some wonderful unintentional results have occurred. For example, we attract an overwhelmingly large percentage of women applicants. While we don't do anything to we're 110% committed to equal opportunity, we love knowing that our company structure makes it easier for working mothers, military spouses, etc. to have professional, full-time employment that reflects their skills, abilities and professional drive. We routinely hear from our team how great it is that they are able to make time for personal pursuits, all because of our work-from-home, family-first approach to balancing life and work.

We have been a proud member of the Department of Defense's Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) since 2018. We know that our company's success comes directly from the awesome talent we have.  Check out what has to offer!

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