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Virtual Beyond Limits: I Didn't Know What I Didn't Have

A client was so convinced that the CPA’s work was just absolutely perfect... and then after the first closing, he realized "I had no idea I didn't know what I didn't have." This is a sentiment we happen to hear all the time. If you don't have control over your company's financial reporting, you don't have a true picture of your company's profitability.

We talk to a lot of business owners on a regular basis. They come to us for various reasons—some exciting, such as running a startup about to take off and desperately in need of professional-level bookkeeping, and others downright terrifying, such as having just been the victims of fraud or embezzlement by their most recent bookkeeper. Regardless of the reasons and paths they take to get to us, nearly every business owner ends up having what we like to call an “Oh Wow!” moment when first viewing a demonstration of our services. Actually, a more accurate count is approximately 7 to 10 “Oh Wow!” moments. Now, we’re pretty proud of our services—but we still wondered a bit why so much of it was such an eye opener to business owners. After all, bookkeeping is bookkeeping, right? Well, turns out maybe it isn’t. So we set about trying to answer why so many revelations occur in our meetings and we realized that a lot of business owners simply don’t even know what is missing in their bookkeeping.

Just as you wouldn’t easily pick up on your doctor overlooking something without the assistance of a medical professional, you aren’t likely to pick up on problems in your bookkeeping until someone else points them out or the problems simply become too large to ignore.

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