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Returning to Work and the Shuffle To A Virtual Workplace

During the latest Vistage Executive Summit, Joe Galvin of Vistage Worldwide discussed the 2021 approach to remote work and how it is going to have a lasting impression into 2022 and many more years ahead. When a group of Vistage CEO's were polled nationally for remote work policies for the remainder of the year, the breakdown was as follows:

58% - Hybrid Workforce
33% - Fully Onsite Workforce
7% - All-Remote Workforce
3% - Uncertain
*Source: Q1 2021 Vistage CEO Confidence Index*

With these numbers, it shows that a virtual workplace is becoming more common even as the COVID-19 lockdowns ease. However, now employees got a taste of the work from home lifestyle and have more control when it comes to keeping this work style or not. It's becoming more common for employees to take a stand about keeping their work from home privileges, rather than going back into an office, and this is leaving companies having to make major decisions on their workforce.

The "2022 Shuffle", as named by Joe Galvin, is when the "all clear" siren will sound among the United States at some point next year and life will go back to a more normal stage. This is when CEOs are going to have to make the big, and likely final, decision on their workplace models. At the same time, employees will be focusing down on what their workplace preference is after over a year of experiencing remote and hybrid workplace models. 

It is important for CEOs and business owners to understand that the traditional 9-5 office workplace style of doing business has since been replaced by the new reality of work, and it is here to stay. With many companies spread across the board in terms of hybrid, remote or onsite workforces, employees now have the opportunity to "shuffle" to different companies to fit their workplace preference after the COVID-19 pandemic. Focusing on ways to improve employee retention is important and being flexible with your employees during this time of transitioning can ultimately decide their future with your company. has been a completely virtual company from the start and always ready to serve its clients. Having that flexibility to have employees all around the United States has its many benefits and it is a workforce style that is here to stay!

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