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The Major Aspect of Business You'll Have to Decide In 2021?

While attending the virtual Vistage Executive Summit, Anne Petrick, Sr. Director of Research at Vistage Worldwide, Inc. presented to us some interesting thought points for CEOs and business owners in 2021.

Decision-making is very important when it comes to keeping a business operating and progressing. In 2021, there are a few common key decisions that you'll have to make regarding your business, and hiring, recruitment, and sourcing take the top of the list when a group of Vistage members was surveyed.

Hiring, recruiting, and sourcing had been a popular topic in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic and has continued to roll into 2021 with force. These key points may be able to assist you in tailoring your hiring, recruiting, sourcing to be successful in 2021.

  • Focusing on retention is a major key for CEOs and business owners during this time and it is important to align your resources with your business needs. The best offense is a good defense and having the right people in the right seats will set your company up to be an efficient and well-oiled machine during this time. 
  • Upgrading your selection process doesn't necessarily mean upping your position requirements. Finding a candidate that aligns with your company culture is just as important. Assess all potential candidates for the job itself and the cultural fit within the company.
  • Developing a virtual recruitment strategy is a way to expand your hiring horizons. With the technology we have access to today, companies can tap into an expanded talent pool, rather than being limited to candidates within the area of their headquarters. Take a page out of the ADC book! There are many pieces of technology out there that promote ease of working from home and this is how we have maintained a fully virtual workplace for over 17 years.

2020 has presented business owners with many new challenges in different facets of business operations, so let take the stress of the numbers off of you in 2021!

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