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How To Get Funding For A Non-Profit Startup


Since most nonprofit organizations are focused on the public good, you would think they'd be easy to start. Of course, you'd be wrong. Filing for tax exempt status can cost hundreds of dollars, government regulations are immense, and public scrutiny is endless. Even worse is trying to fund a nonprofit startup. Getting this type of funding can be difficult, but the following strategies could simplify the process.

Seek Out People Who Want You to Succeed

Friends and family want to see your nonprofit startup succeed, so it never hurts to reach out to them for funding. In the grand scheme of things, though, you need to think bigger.

If you're looking to open soup kitchens, for instance, community churches, anti-poverty organizations and local homeless advocacy groups will likely help. They want you to succeed, and even if they cannot provide funding, they can often point you in the right direction to fund your nonprofit.

 Get Engaged on Social Media

Even though you have philanthropy in mind, your nonprofit startup is still a business. And in the modern world, every business needs an engaging social media presence.

Thank volunteers and donors via Facebook. Send out donation requests or crowdfunding campaigns on the page. Upload pictures of your nonprofit startup doing something in the community. All of this will keep people “in the know,” and they'll be more likely to start or continue donating.

 Get Connected With Connected People

You'll have to build a board of directors for your nonprofit startup. When you do, seek out people in the community who care for your cause and are also well-connected. These people will often feel honored that you thought to ask them to be on the board, and you can then ask them to help with fundraising efforts.

 Reach Out to Small Family Foundations

Nonprofit startups typically go after the same large-scale funding sources. Many fail to consider, though, small family foundations. The number of wealthy people in America is growing at an incredible rate, and this typically equates to family foundations growing in number as well.

People start family foundations to be philanthropic, cement their legacy or ensure that causes they care about are funded for the long haul. Whatever their reasoning, help them accomplish that goal by reaching out and seeking this often-overlooked funding source.

Funding a nonprofit startup is no doubt a difficult endeavor, but with the numerous funding sources available, there's certainly no reason to become disheartened. With just a little homework and elbow grease, you can get the funding to make your nonprofit startup a success.

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