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How Fused Coaching into Culture

Company culture is a term that is heard quite often from companies all over the world. It's what defines an organization, shaping its values, beliefs, and behaviors. It encompasses employees' shared attitudes and norms, how they interact, and the overall work environment. 

A strong and positive company culture fosters employee engagement, collaboration, and innovation while influencing how the company interacts with customers and partners. It provides employees with a sense of belonging, purpose, and motivation, encouraging them to align with the company's mission and work towards common goals.

It not only attracts and retains top talent but also becomes a key driver of success and growth, ultimately contributing to the long-term sustainability and prosperity of the organization. However, company culture is often preached, but not always practiced. prides itself on having a strong, supportive, and proven company culture that puts employees and their families first. Not to mention ADC has been awarded a spot on the Inc. Best Workplaces list in both 2022 and 2023, a testament to our accomplishments around the workplace we have created. 

But in addition to having just a solid cultural aspect, we've taken it up a notch and infused a coaching element into the mix, so that our team has the tools and resources to set goals and improve on themselves and as an entire company.

With overall company goals in mind, there was only one way to get them out there in a company-wide format that keeps all members of the ADC team on the same page - a Vivid Vision. A Vivid Vision is a 3-year roadmap that outlines the goals, core values, and structure of the company. We are currently operating in our 2022 Vivid Vision and will be preparing the 2025 version next year to outline the next 3-years worth of goals and milestones.

To infuse a coaching aspect into ADC's strong culture, we've teamed up with Stewart Leadership. With that, ADC was provided with a 12-month personalized leadership development series. It featured virtual workshops that included self-assessments, resource guides, articles, worksheets, and more. 

The Stewart Leadership Development Series is designed to help avoid anyone within a company's management team to feel like they were in a position they did not have the skills or support for. The main goal is to turn everyone into top performers that share a similar and adapted approach.

From there, the coaching is intended to filter down from management to the individual contributor level. Empowering employees to be confident in what they are doing and providing them with a strong support system from the top down.

After completing the initial Leadership Development Series, the Stewart Leadership team meets with the entire ADC team on a quarterly basis for an alumni cohort. This covers new topics, presents new resource guides, and refreshes new and existing ADC team members on the strong leadership and support system that they have behind them.

At, we prioritize creating a robust company culture that supports our employees' growth and development. Incorporating a leadership coaching element is just one of the many ways we invest in our team members. From offering additional training opportunities and supplemental coaching to embracing the concept of summer Fridays and implementing various family-first initiatives, we always have our employees' best interests at heart.




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