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Company Culture: Expectations vs. Reality

Company culture is something that is claimed by many, but at the end of the day, how many companies actually have a solid and healthy company culture? The culture of a company is what separates a good and great company. Truly happy employees are what keep a company going and it certainly shows in some situations.

A powerful brand identity that encourages both clients and employees to take pride in being partnered with a company is driven by the culture of a company. It signifies a good fit when what is important to the company is important to you as an employee or client.

The Expectation

Employees tend to look out for a few things when it comes to culture within a company and at the end of the day, these are the things that keep them with the company.

Alignment is most important here. Every manager wants employees that align with the company's goals, objectives, and culture. Exceptional organizations work to build continuous alignment to their vision, purpose, and goals.

A culture with appreciation makes team members regularly feel thanked for their work when they are recognized for the things they do for the company. Appreciation can come in the form of public kudos, a note of thanks, or a promotion within the company. That's right, something as easy as taking a few minutes to say "Great Job" will bring a smile to an employee's face and keep them motivated to keep working hard for the company.

Trust in the employees of the company is vital to an organization's culture. With a company culture built around trust, team members will feel comfortable expressing themselves and rely on others to have their back when they find themselves needing assistance. 

Teamwork seems like a self-explanatory factor of company culture, but it should not go overlooked. Regular collaboration, communication, and respect between team members builds a sense of comradery within the company. When a team supports one another, employees will be more productive, get more done and enjoy doing it.  

The Reality

The reality of company culture simply varies. How every company handles its company culture cannot be spoken for across the board. As someone that may be looking for a position within a company, take a moment to look past the pay and try to get an idea of the company's culture behind the scenes. Money is nice, but at the end of the day, the culture is what is going to truly make you happy to wake up and go to work every morning.

Many companies claim that they are big advocates for good company culture, but at times, that may not be the case. Do your research on outlets like GlassDoor, news reports, and through the company website. Read about the company's leaders on social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook to get a feel for their interaction with the company's employees and clients.

Companies, like us here at, put company culture first and strive to provide the utmost best work environment for our employees. Being a fully remote company, we put trust in our employees to get their work done, while also providing them with an unmatched level of flexibility because after all, life can get crazy at times. Giving our remote employees the ability to be able to attend school events for their children, doctor's appointments, and more sets the bar high when it comes to company culture.

Additionally, keeping our employees connected with things like regular staff calls, off-topic chat rooms, various Facebook groups, and clubs establishes a relationship between all of our employees that some may think gets missed with a fully remote workforce.

Company culture is more than just a pizza party for the office. It goes deeper than that and the companies that focus on building a strong company culture will certainly stand out with the happiest and most productive employees. If you are a company owner or manager, take a look at the true culture of your company and the happiness of your employees with work. As a person on the hunt for a new employer or career path, do the research, it will be worth it in the long run - or check out our careers page to see if you'd be a good fit within!

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