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Bookkeeping Services Improve with New QuickBooks Release


Back in October at QB Connect, an industry conference hosted by Intuit that we covered in a previous blog post, QuickBooks announced a major new feature sure to propel the bookkeeping services industry to new levels: The Online Accountant. Whether this is the first time you're hearing of it or just looking for the bulletpoints, the following are some of the features promised by the new releases. We're sure there are more features and benefits along the way--so tell us below, what is your favorite part of this new release?

1. Client Dashboard

Create to-do lists and quickly and efficiently accomplish bookkeeping tasks with only a few clicks. This dashboard gives an overview of each client. By simply scrolling through clients, you can easily prioritize your day. The dashboard also provides buttons to quickly and easily accomplish the necessary task. Do they require a second invoice? Push a button to make it happen. Did a client send upload payroll files overnight? Download and start the process within seconds, without sorting through e-mails or making phone calls. The streamlined dashboard saves accounting professionals time and money.

2. Accountant Toolbox

This toolbox makes switching functions easier than ever. Don't waste valuable time hunting for menu options or moving windows. The Accountant Toolbox makes payroll duties, taxes and invoicing quicker than ever before by keeping the most frequently used tools for the task at hand. The toolbox palette can be moved anywhere your computer screen. Leave it in the default position or move it to the most convenient place on your desktop. It will remain there throughout any task within the Online Accountant program. Keeping everything at your fingertips means you'll be home in time to make that little league game after all.

3. QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program

Bookkeepers, clients and bookkeeping service providers alike already love the ProAdvisor Program, which allows bookkeeping professionals to gain valuable knowledge and even earn certification online. Forget about spending the day at an off-site campus to take a Mastering QuickBooks class. The ProAdvisor Program allows you to learn online at a self-guided pace, take a practice test and even take a certification test online. Once certified, ProAdvisor even helps you create online ads in order to acquire new clients. So, sign up with Online Accountant and get your staff fully certified, then amp up your business with the most knowledgable and efficient staff in town. 

4. Wholesale Pricing

Services can claim a deep discount by signing up now. They can save even more by bundling their subscription with Payroll. Doing so allows QuickBooks to send you a consolidated bill, which creates less invoicing. That's right, the online service, Payroll, that has provided you with one-slick sync between client files and QuickBooks Online is even better when combined with Online Accountant. Despite the small monthly increase in price, your clients still save significantly compared to hiring an in-house accountant, and they'll receive better service than ever before. Prices start at only $35 per month, and it's free for the first 30 days to your first client. 

5. Firm Roles and Permissions

Permissions allows management of employees' access to any and every client account. Three levels of access keep clients' books safe and secure and provide peace of mind. It also eliminates the need to grant temporary access to certain accounts in order to keep business running smoothly.

6. A Free Bonus For You

Subscribing to Quickbooks Online Accountant allows providers to handle clients' accounts more efficiently than ever before, but it also comes with a subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus. Plus can significantly decrease the amount of time spent on your payroll and bookkeeping tasks. 

It's safe to say that QuickBooks has outpaced its competitors with its latest subscription service. No other company has the features, support or overwhelming approval from millions of accountants across the globe. QuickBooks Online Accountant proves, once again, that Intuit is the leader in accounting software and technology.

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