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How is Improving Our Accounting Services for Clients

bill comWe recently began the process of training and certifying all of our professional bookkeepers on a great automated bill payment and processing We've been following closely and bringing clients on to the platform as they are ready, because does so many great things to improve the flow and efficiency of online bill payment. The reasons why are pretty simple and straightforward--but we will let you decide that for yourself.

One very helpful hint though: If you've ever suffered from paying bills late (or losing them all together) because they got stuck on someone's desk, didn't get approved by the right people, or ultimately didn't get appropriately reviewed before approved because a deadline was looming... well, you just might appreciate these features. to the Rescue is an online accounts payable and accounts receivable service. Its main advantage is that it:

Things like printing invoices, stuffing envelopes, internal distribution to reviewers and check signing--Gone!

Accounts Payable is Faster

Send your billing data – scanned, email, or fax, and picks up the load. When a company uses to pay invoices, the process is thoroughly automated, integrating with human intervention at the appropriate approve and review points. But the shuffling and transfer of paper bills and checks is eliminated.

When the bill is due for payment, your bookkeeper assigns it through which routes it to someone in your company who is authorized to approve the payment. Once the designated person clicks the approval button, takes over and can either pay the invoice electronically or mail a check. cuts accounts payable processing time in half. As a cloud-based system, approval can take place anywhere, at any time. If Manager Mike is out of the office on vacation, he can still pay bills on time.

Accounts Receivable

With, you can go paperless. Your customers receive invoices via email or will print and mail the invoice for you. Bypass printing, mailing and long wait times in collecting receivables. With one click, programmed invoices go to customers by email or by U.S. mail. provides automatic reminders when payments are becoming due or have not been sent. When the customer pays the bill, will make your electronic bank deposits. Plus, your customers get three easy ways to pay your invoice:

  • by credit card,
  • through their PayPal account, or
  • by direct payment to you from their their bank

Cash Flow Forecasts

Using for your AP and AR can allow you to effectively use their Cash Flow Forecast tool, allowing you to:

  • manage your cash flow either on your computer or mobile device, and
  • project and forecast your cash flows up to three months into the future

Plus, it syncs with your bank balance information in QuickBooks, giving you a full picture of your current and future financial position.

Works with QuickBooks has a great integration with QuickBooks. You bring in everything right away from QuickBooks to pay your bills and get paid by customers. syncs and sends your payments to QuickBooks automatically. picks up any changes you have made in QuickBooks since your last login. QuickBooks also picks up any changes you made in the data it receives from

For many of our customers, is fixing a previously cumbersome process. Our bookkeepers love it because it allows them the opportunity to seamlessly process and notify clients about upcoming deadlines and due dates--and our clients love it because it removes most of the burden of staying current from their desk. A few button clicks and bill processing is complete.

Interested in learning how you can implement at your company? We can help--schedule a free consultation to discuss your accounting and bookkeeping needs to see if (and other great accounting integrations) makes sense for your business.

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