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5 Steps to Selecting Top Accounting Software

Author : Bill Gerber
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You believe in only the best for your company. The best service. The best materials. Always putting your best foot forward. Why would you settle for anything less than the top accounting software available for small-to-mid-size growing businesses?

Accounting software reviewers tend to agree that QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is one of the top bookkeeping programs available for small-to-mid-size businesses. Its flexibility, customization features, and the number of functions the software can perform makes it perfect for growing companies.

But, of course, you wouldn’t buy a car based solely on the reviews—nor should you buy an accounting software package based just on the opinions of other people. Follow these steps before you select the top accounting software for your firm.

1. Perform a financial and management needs analysis. What are the must-haves for your accounting software? Do you need it to perform other tasks, such as inventory and payroll? Write your wish list based on your analysis.

2. Set your budget and begin researching your choices. Software manufacturer websites may be a good place to start to determine how much you can expect to pay for a solution that will meet your company’s needs. You may find many of the QuickBooks solutions have what you need at an affordable price.

3. Talk to your bookkeeper about the best accounting software choice for your firm. Don’t have a bookkeeper? You can find accounting software solutions and a full-charge bookkeeper to manage your books, plus a financial controller, all in one package with

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