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How QuickBooks Accounting Helps Maintain a Paperless Office

Author : Bill Gerber
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One of the most common forms of corporate identity theft doesn’t involve hackers or computers at all. Thieves can steal paperwork with bank account numbers, credit card numbers and more right out of your garbage, out of a filing cabinet — even off your desk.

The solution? A paperless office. When you switch to QuickBooks online bookkeeping and for all your business accounting needs, you’ll receive a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Sheetfed Scanner that scans 20 ppm and has intelligent paper feed detection, which means your office staff won’t waste a lot of time scanning documents. Just place 20 pages in the scanner and continue with regular office duties.

In fact, it’s likely the person who is now doing your accounting — perhaps an office manager or administrative assistant — will be scanning your financial documents to get you up-and-running with She’ll be so relieved she doesn’t have to manage the books on top of all her other duties, she won’t mind the scanning process at all. 

The Process to Move to QuickBooks Accounting and Virtual Documents

When you receive your scanner, begin scanning your documents. Scan all paper:

  • Invoices
  • Deposits
  • Bank Statements
  • Credit card receipts
  • Bills

Make sure to scan deposits and bills separately. There’s no need to scan items you already receive virtually. If you currently receive credit card or bank statements via email, congratulations! You’re already one step closer to your paperless office.

Are Your Scanned Documents Safe? 
Once the documents are scanned, they’re uploaded to the server for your full-charge bookkeeper, who will enter the data into QuickBooks. Both QuickBooks accounting software files and documents are stored on our secure servers and backed up, continuously, off-site for maximum security and protection.

You and anyone else in your company you authorize have access to your financial records 24/7. It doesn’t get any easier — or safer — than this.

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